| 67 If youareembarkingona trip,whether you’reawaited insome farawaycitybyabusiness partner or a family member, or you’re heading o to discover new places and enjoy fantastic experiences, youwant to ensure that your journey is enjoyable, and your ight turbulence free. However, nomatter howmuch you’ve done everything as you should, it could still happen that you receive an email informing you about a delay to your ight that you don’t read, or that one of your planes in transit is late and you’re unable to arrive on time. Whatever happens to you that you didn’t plan at the beginning of your journey, there is a place at NikolaTesla Airport where all problems are solved... quickly, e ciently and, perhaps most importantly, with a smile. Employees of Air Serbia’s branch o ce at Belgrade Airport – despite the increased volumes of tra c and the introduction of new routes this summer – havemanaged tomeet all challenges and achieve even better results. Compared to the same period of last year, a 49 per cent increasewas recorded in sales of vouchers for the transportation of extra luggage between June and October. A 22 per cent increasewas also achieved in the segment of ight ticket issuance, while 14 employees are taskedwithgoingout of their way tomeet themany demands of passengers on the spot. And they do all of that 24 hours a day, in shifts, which sometimes implies not going home at the end of working hours. Retail shop supervisor Mirjana Žigić tells us that all employees of the branch are prepared for various unexpected and challenging situations, even with spare clothing and food. “Our days are unpredictable and interesting; every day is a new challenge and no day is like the previous one. We start the morning with an analysis of the previous day, conduct a brie ng, and then we head out for new victories. Work and passengers are always a priority. That’s why it’s important that our team has an awareness that it belongs to this place; that we all have a responsibility, because it is important for passengers to know that they can always count on us,”says Mirjana. Her teamis composedof experiencedpeople,whoare ready to learnand improve, because services are constantly being advanced and technologies developed in transport andoperations inall companies around theworld, includingAir Serbia, soemployeesmust always be up-to-date, ready and alert, in order to answer every question. And it’s not always easy to work with people ... “Of course, there are also challenging situations, and we are here – in addition to dealing with sales and the eliminating of potential irregularities – to assist with every passenger request, or tosendthemtothe right address.The job isall themorechallengingwhen you have a slightlymore demanding passenger and you are limited in terms of time. Experience is essential, along with familiarity with operations and procedures. We further analyse frequent cases in cooperation with professional services, with the aim of eliminating the causes of recurrences, which is why we cooperate actively with all services and their support is very important to us,”emphasises Mirjana. People as people, there are thosewho are kindly andgrateful that they have a nice interlocutor on theother sideof the counterwho’swilling tohelp, andnot a robot there on some service number, or those who easily exceed the limits of decency. “People ask all sorts; they seek an interlocutor, not wanting to communicate by phoneor email, andthenwecomeas theendpoint. Peopleconsider it easier andquicker to explain themselves to a “live” interlocutor. They nd it di cult to accept the fact that the onlyway to send a complaint or claim is via thewebportal. On the other hand, Oni nisu deo problema, oni su deo rešenja. Čak 24 sata dnevno, 14 zaposlenih u poslovnici na aerodromu na raspolaganju je svojimputnicima, spremno da strpljivo i ljubazno odgovori svim izazovima, što na tako prometnommestu, sa povećanim brojem letova i putnika, nije uvek lako They are not part of the problem, they are part of the solution. No less than 24 hours a day, 14 employees at the airport branch o ce are available to their passengers, ready to respond patiently and courteously to all challenges, which is not always easy in such a busy place with an increased number of ights and passengers Supervizorka Mirjana Žigić na čelu sjajnog tima Supervisor Mirjana Žigić heads an excellent team Agenti prodaje Mirjana Stojković, Adrijana Mitrović, tim lider Tamara Pavićević i agent prodaje Igor Stanojević Sales agents Mirjana Stojković, Adrijana Mitrović, team leader Tamara Pavićević and sales agent Igor Stanojević