Er Srbija leti do Ljubljane 17 puta nedeljno Air Serbia ies from Belgrade to Ljubljana 17 times a week 1.25’ Jože Pučnik Trajanje leta Aerodrom Flight time Airport At an elevation of 1,517metres above sea level, you will be surrounded by snow in a fantastic place for families. There are ski trails for novices, intermediate trails and the toughest, while testifying to the quality of the skiing itself is the fact that it often hosts prestigious ski competitions. Rogla has 11 cable car ski lifts and several dozen kilometres of arranged trails, and skiers canenjoy the slopes from late autumn to spring, because if a real carpet of snow is somehow lacking, this ski resort has perfect arti cial snow. For those who consider skiing too peaceful and have an excess of adrenaline, there is theRogla FunPark, representing anassault course for snowboarders and freestyle skiers. However, if a board is too much for you and you love skis, there areperfect trails for cross-country skiing. Also testifying to the claim that you can expect the best is the fact that Rogla has alsohosted theCross-Country SkiingWorldCup. On thismagical mountain you can also try your hand at a discipline that you’ve probably only seen in old lms – snowshoeing. That’s when you put something on your feet that is somehow reminiscent of a tennis racquet and thenenjoywalkingover snow. This activity is the perfect exercise for the entire cardiovascular system. Apart fromexercising, youcanenjoy the fairytale landscapes that extend all around you, clean air, andhike with experienced guides who are able to tell you all sorts of things about the mountain. And no, you don’t have to have your own snowshoes, because if you opt for this adventure you can easily acquire them at your hotel. All you need are good shoes and thick wool socks. Of course, what sort of ski holiday is it if you don’t dare tomake a night-time descent at least once. This mountain has two night-time ski trails – Jasa and Košuta – both of which are excellently prepared, to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises during the descent. You haven’t really been to Rogla if you haven’t tried the famous Pohorje hot pot speciality at least once. It represents true winter magic, as a vegetable stew with three di erent types ofmeat. Andwhilewe’reon the subject of healingproperties, there are several spa centres on themountain itself, although the real thing is located 16 kilometres below, in the town of Zreče. Located there are thermal waters with a high percentage of calcium and magnesium, with a temperature at source of 34.5 degrees, as well as saunas, massages and healingmud, or Pohorje peat, which has an estimated age of 10,000 years. The best news is that you can catch a free shuttle bus fromTerme Zreče to the ski resort and back every day. When you take all of this into consideration, it’s clear that you’re awaited by a holiday worth remembering. Rogla, walking through clouds If you are interested in what walking through clouds looks like, you should know that Slovenia boasts the snowy Rogla, which is a true paradise for lovers of winter sports. šate i u disciplini koju ste verovatno videli samo u starim filmovima. Reč je o krpljanju. To je kada na noge stavitenešto što, recimo, udalekoj asocijaciji, podseća na teniske rekete i onda uživate u šetnji po snegu. Ova aktivnost je savršena vežba začitavkardiovaskularnisistem.Osim što vežbate, možete da uživate u bajkovitimpejzažimakoji seprostiruoko vas, čistomvazduhu, a u šetnje krećete sa iskusnim vodičima, koji će vam na ispričati svašta o planini. I ne, krplje nemorateda imate, jer akoseodlučite za ovu avanturu, lako ćete ih nabaviti uhotelu. Vama supotrebne samo dobre cipele i vunene čarape. Naravno, kakvo je to skijanje ako se makar jednom ne usudite da se sjurite niz stazu noću. Na ovoj planini na raspolaganju su vam dve noćne staze, Jasa i Košuta, koje su odlično pripremljene, tako da nema neprijatnih iznenađenja tokom spusta. Nistebilina Rogliakomakar jednom ne probate čuveni pohorski lonac. To je prava zimska magija, čorbaodpovrćai trivrstemesa. Kadasmokodlekovitosti,nasamojplanini postoji nekoliko spa centara,mada se prava stvar nalazi 16 kilometara niže, umestuZreče.Tamosutermalna vodasavisokimprocentomkalcijuma imagnezijuma čija je temperatura na izvoru34,5stepeni, saune,masaže i lekovitoblato, odnosnopohorski treset, čijasestarostprocenjujena10.000godina. Najbolja vest je da se od Termi Zreče svakogdanamožetebesplatno prevesti autobusomdo skijališta i nazad. Kada se sve uzme u obzir, očekuje vas odmor za pamćenje. scan me art | 55