114 | / da se iz Srbije naplaćuju aplikacije u Guglovoj prodavnici, što je tržište od više od 30 milijardi dolara godišnje. Ponosan sam što su ljudi iz redova Digitalne Srbije na tome radili zajedno sa Serbian Entrepreneurs, organizacijom koja okuplja naše uspešne tehnološke preduzetnike u inostranstvu. Šta možemo da očekujemo od „Digitalne Srbije“ sledeće godine? –Kroz istraživanjakoja smosproveli naučili smo da su dva najveća izazova domaćih startapa nedostatak investicija i nedovoljna razmena znanja. Ovu godinu završavamo okupljanjem više od 20 poslovnih anđela, uspešnih pojedinaca koji žele da ulože novac u domaće startape, ali i da im pruže mentorsku podršku. Očekujemda će 2020. doneti velike rezultate ove inicijative. Osim toga, nastavićemo da insistiramo na prilagođavanju zakonske regulative vremenu u kojemživimo. Kao jednu od najvećih zakonskih prepreka na tomputu vidimo Zakon o deviznom poslovanju, koji u digitalnom svetu predstavlja neku vrstu gvozdene zavese oko naše zemlje. problem that you want to solve? - Within Digital Serbia today are 32 leading companies fromthemostvaried industries: IT, telecommunications, banking, start-uphubs, scienti c, pharmaceutical, consulting and media companies. In this dialogue we de ne problems and create tangible, high-quality solutions that perhapsdon’t suit everyone individually, but that shift the whole society forward in the long run. Key problems and solutions are in the areas of education, the legal and business environment, and support for start-ups, but also creating overall change in the awareness thatwehavea chance, andwhere that chance lies. What are youmost proudofwhen it comes toyour organisation’s work during 2019? - We’ve done a lot in various domains, but the dearest success to me is that we combined incompatible worlds in order to launch the Master 4.0 programme. In this project we’ve connected 10 state university faculties, 75 companies and our best professors with lecturers fromabroad, and created a programme that both students and businesses have been awaiting for a long time. Through this programme, a hundred students in Belgrade, Niš and Kragujevac will learn about arti cial intelligence, blockchain technology and entrepreneurship, but will also acquire the business knowhow needed to translate all these lines of code into products for the world market. Master 4.0 is proof that we have the knowhow in Serbia – all that’s needed is for the experts to sit at the same table and decide to work together. I’m sorry that such a programme didn’t exist at the University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering when I was studying. But I’mevenmore pleased that some new kids will have a better chance of achieving world success from Serbia. Youareattemptingthroughyourworknotonlyto xthe housethroughsupport tothedigitaleconomy,butalso torepositionSerbiawithin international frameworks? -You can’t grow the digital economy framedby borders. TheNovi Sadblockchainstart-upmeasures itselfwithablockchainstart-upfromSanFrancisco.TheNišgamingstudiowants to attract the attention of investors from London. In digital business, your customers are on every continent. That’s why we decided to gauge the domestic start-up ecosystem in relation to the world and inscribe Serbia on the map of the world’smost relevant start-ups, as the only point fromBerlin to Tel Aviv. From now on, when an investor looks at this part of theworldhe sees only us. Another victory achievedby the digital industry this year is also the creating of the possibility of charging for applications from Serbia through the Google Play Store, which is a market of over $30 billion a year. I’m proud that people from the ranks of Digital Serbia worked on this together with Serbian Entrepreneurs – an organisation that brings together our successful technology entrepreneurs based abroad. What can we expect fromDigital Serbia next year? -Throughtheresearchthatwe’veconducted,we’ve learnt that the two biggest challenges of domestic start-ups are a lackof investment and insu cient sharingof knowledge.We end this year by bringing together over 20 business angels - successful individuals who want to invest money in domestic start-ups, but also to provide them with mentoring support. I expect 2020 to bring great results from this initiative. Additionally, wewill continue to insist on adapting legal regulations to the times inwhichwe live.We see the Lawon Foreign Exchange Operations as one of the biggest legal obstacles along the way, as it represents - in the digital world - a kind of iron curtain around our country. Branko Milutinović i čuveni fudbalski trener Žoze Murinjo Branko Milutinović and world-famous football manager José Mourinho Another victory achieved by the digital industry this year is the creating of the possibility of charging for applications from Serbia through the Google Play Store Pobeda koju je ove godine digitalna industrija odnela jeste i stvaranje mogućnosti da se iz Srbije naplaćuju aplikacije u „Guglovoj“ prodavnici