ilar to that employed for the production of cognac and whisky, but I think that high-quality šljivovica is one of the world’s best drinks. “Branko” rakia is my contribution to the new generation, because it is the first plum rakia that’s drunk with ice. is is a rakia that has specific aromatic components, with a taste and aroma that are reminiscent of premiumbourbons, despite the fact that it is 100%made fromplums. e secret ingredient is my love for šljivovica and oakwood. “Branko” is a personal signature rakia, but at the Belgrade distillery anyone who’s interested can, with our professional support, make their own “blend”, because our distillery also has a Serbian rakia bank, i.e., the possibility for everyone to have their own barrels. For now, many companies, hospitality establishments, individuals and institutions keep their own barrels at our place, such as the Tourist Organisation of Belgrade and FC Partizan,” explains our interlocutor. However, what’s most important to us is perhaps the fact that all Air Serbia guests can enjoy these fantastic rakias. Apricot rakia and traditional, three-yearold plum rakia are served aboard the Serbian national airline’s planes and are characterised by the natural aromas of ripe fruit, as well as a full and consistent flavour. ere’s no doubt that flying with Air Serbia is comfortable, but the flight becomes even better after just one glass of rakia. Enjoy your flight and cheers! U doba vladavine kneza Miloša Obrenovića srpska šljivovica imala je veliki ugled i bila je služena na carskim i kraljevskimdvorovima širom Evrope Serbian plum rakia gained a great reputation during the reign of Prince Miloš Obrenović and was served at imperial and royal courts throughout Europe Rakia » Rakija | 95