DINE&WINE honey rakia in earthen or čokanje glass bottles, the famous šljivovica plum rakia in luxurious glass packaging, exclusive chocolates with brandy etc. But Branko didn‘t stop there. He opened the Belgrade UrbanDistillery, a craft distillery producing over 20 types of rakia in limited series, with double distillation in a small copper still, with daring recipes and newcombinations of flavours. ere is also a restaurant and a cocktail bar within the scope of this distillery in the Dorćol neighbourhood, so in addition to top quality spirits, you can also enjoy local and international culinary specialities. After all he’s done, we asked him what rakia means to him – is it comfort, joy or health - and he gave a succinct answer: rakia is inspiration… “Rakia Bar was created in 2006, with the idea of presenting our traditional drink in a professional and modern way, to show the specific gastronomic culture of rakia and mezetluk – the Serbian version of slow food. at’s why the Rakia Bar gift shop offers, apart fromtop rakia brandies, other traditional products and special series of chocolates with rakia and other interesting delicacies. Naturally, foreigners are delighted to be able to find the best of Serbia in one place, and their only dilemma after tasting the rakia is howmany bottles they can fit in their suitcase,” says Branko. He has no dilemmawhen it comes to rating šljivovica plum rakia as the best type, because it has the most complex character and undergoes a fantastic transformation while aging in oak barrels. at’s why his own rakia, the one called Branko, is made from plums, but with one small twist… “ e technique for producing šljivovica is very simU okviru destilerije postoji Srpska banka rakije, odnosno mogućnost da svako ima svoje sopstveno bure This distillery has a Serbian rakia bank, i.e., the possibility for everyone to have their own barrel 94 | Rakija » Rakia