LAJFSTAJ L L I FESTYLE 82 | Putovanja » Travelling UP FOR SOME S LOW T R AVE L? Slowdown, enjoy yourself, relax The new ‘slow travel’ concept or philosophy places an emphasis on connecting with our destination’s local residents, culture, food and music. Koncept sporog putovanja oslanja se na ideju da je putovanje obrazovanje i emotivni utisak The slow travel concept is based on the notion that travel is an educational and emotive experience You must see this and that; it’s obligatory to visit this and that place, and make sure you don’t miss out on this and that. How many times have you headed on your holidays with such ideas and that famous list of ‘must-sees’? Yes, you naturally need to prepare for a journey, to study where you’re going and devise a plan. But in our desire not to miss out on something deserving of our attention, relaxing breaksmost often turn into tiring tours. We doggedly follow our "must see" lists and end upmissing out on thatwhichismost important,unique and unrepeatable, and that’s the atmosphere of the place we’re visiting. Emotion. Experience. at feeling that even the body remembers, so when you close your eyes a few months after your journey and picture the scenes in your mind, it all comes rushingbacktoyou inwaves... at’s why, on your next journey, you should switch fromobligation to relaxation. Turn away from the well-trodden tourist trails and explore lesser-known local parts of the place you’re visiting. Feel free to allow yourself to get slightly lost – youneverknowwhatwonderful corners or people you’ll encounter, and a little adrenaline never hurt. e slow travel concept is based on thenotion that travel is aneducational and emotive experience. e idea is to establish connectionswith the local population and thus experience a place in the way it is seen through their eyes. If you pluck up the courage to turn away from the main streets, you’ll see how people actually live and witness local customs and traditions; you’ll experience the diversity that is slowly being lost in this digital world, where information is shared in real time while everything is becoming uniform. We know everything, we’ve already seen everything, but we are left deprived of authentic experience and thewealth that shouldbe brought by travelling. New knowledge, experiences, different perspectives, diversity. You don't have to go on every single excursion and take your picture infront of everyattraction. Simply seekout attractions that are “under theradar”, allowyourself thetime to linger in places you like, dine at a local restaurant,drinkcoffeeonsteps where locals gather, stroll through themarket, rise inthe earlymorning andwander beside the sea...Watch, soak it all up and relax. I only fell in love with Venice when, after forcingmyway through the crowds and elbowingmyself into position to take pictures on the Rialto Bridge, I wandered aimlessly into small, half-deserted streets. Passing small bridges, squares and canals, I spent a long time sitting on the steps observing the reflections of houses in the water. And then there was the Arsenal... I observed the mighty walls of the old complex of former shipyards whilst sitting ona bridge, swingingmy legs above the canal. I really read Piran and forever remembered it from its walls dating back to the 7th century, only one of which remains. at’s a scene I will never forget, as well as the fact that, although Prešeren Square was packed, up there on the walls there were only four of us... I toured Perugia without a map, got lost, went round in circles... I swam in the lake with an islet where boat rides go, I don't recall the name, but I remember the beach to this day... e queue in front of Florence’s UffiziGallerypreventedme fromvisiting it, but fortunately ledme to the magnificent BoboliGardens that are locatedbehind theGallery andfilled with sculptures, fountains and artworks... At the time I did that spontaneously, when I got tired of ticking off the list, and today I know that’s called slow travel. I still have a list when I go on my travels, but I no longer tick off the items listed. FOTO TFILM ISTOCK