FENOMENI PHENOMENA 74 | Manga i anime » Manga and anime One of the main reasons that animehas stood the test of time and gained increasing popularity worldwide is itsuniqueability togrowwith its viewers. Many children grew up watching anime shows on TV, such as Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon and YuGi-Oh! At that time, those children were unable to grasp that they were watching Japanese animation, but the popularity of the shows meant that they developed a soft spot for anime in their hearts. Anime is an animation drawing style that originated inJapan, with a characteristic stylisation of characters and backgroundsthatdistinguishes itvisually fromother formsof animation. e word anime comes from the Japanese word animeshon, which is itself derived from the English word animation. Some anime titles are hand-drawn, while some are computer-generated,which is commonplacetoday.Animestoriesaremostly fictional, usually created under the influenceofmangaandencompassa wide rangeof genres. Just likeWestern feature films, anime cartoons have their ownopening sequences. Music has great significance in Japan, so anime composers are mostly great musicians. Anime festivals Various anime festivals are held around theworld. I will list here two that are held in Belgrade: chibikon and Japanizam. ese are the two largest andmost significant festivals in the anime industry. Admission is available to all and they are held annually at Belgrade’s DomOmladine youth centre. Anime festivals generally include socialising between cosplayers, competitions, games, while many items associated with almost all anime works are sold. Attending chibikonisonlyboring for thosewho aren’t anime fans and those who attend the festival alone. While I’m at this festival, I liketofindrefreshment in Booble Tea or sushi, and I spend mymoneyonmanga comics that are quite reasonably priced. Most popular In the anime andmanga industry, popularity is divided into socalled“all time”popular andnewanime andmanga that have just started beingbroadcast andarealreadygaining an incredible following! Almost all of the anime listedhave their own manga comics. e manga versions are usually published first. It is important to note that I have included some animated series that started a few years ago but have yet to finish under the category of newer anime andmanga. (See page 72) For example, AttackonTitan is ananime that was first broadcast publicly in April 2013, but thefinal season is currently streaming, whichmeans that fans go crazy for new episodes. Anime priče su uglavnom izmišljene, a najčešće nastaju pod uticajem mange Anime stories are mostly fictional, and are most often created under the influence of manga