KULTURA CULTURE 44 | Muzika » Music I NT E RV I EW D I NO ŠAR AN , MUS I C I AN Letu štuke over Belgrade Music is an impulse for me, a game. Rhythm, melody and word. The desire for freedom. Music is a mirror of society. That which we live is also that which we listen to. For me, it has always been one of the key elements in life FollowingarichsummerseasonduringwhichBelgrade’sBitefArtCafeclubhosteda largenumber of regional stars, for the first time, on 26th August, the BitefArtCafe Summer Stage on Kalamegdan is hosting a performance of legendary BosniangroupLetuŠtuke [Flight of theDiveBomber], led by lead singer and prominentsongwriterDino Šaran. is group attracted great interest across the entire regionwith itsvery firststudioalbum,released in 2005, proving popular both with the public and amongcritics,whoimmediately rankedLetuŠtuke amongtheleadingalternativepoptitles. egroup’s subsequent twostudioalbums secured its cult status among a large number of fans. Šaran’s lyrics, which are very intimate, succinct, truthful, and always relevant and poignant, are one of the main reasons that this group has remained at the very top of themusic scene for years. e upcoming Belgrade concert provided a good opportunity for us to talk with Dino about music, life, isolation and creativity… It was almost three years ago that you released your fourth album, spearheaded by the single “God give us health”. What does that song mean to you from today’s perspective? “It means the same as it did then: a statement about a life attitude. And also a prayer. Everything changes constantly, and therefore an attitude towards life is essential, as the foundation that we fall back on when life breaks us. at which we truly received from God and is good both for us and others. I have a fairly critical personal attitude towards myself, but I’m also realistic. Bože zdravlja addresses that.” You will again perform to the audience on the BitefArtCafe Summer Stage after a long break. Are you looking forward to that? “Weare, of course, looking forwardto it.Wecanhardly wait. e Belgrade audience is hospitable and we haven’t been for a long time.We’ll playa selectionof themost popular songs, andwe’ll alsoconsider requests. Let’shope that theepidemiological situationdoesn’tworsenandthat we’ll finally really face the audience.Of course, you’rewelcome to attend.” Many artists used the previous period, when performances weren’t possible, to create new songs. Were you also creative? “What else can a person do in isolation other than write?Manycolleagueshavereleasednewmaterial,but it’s still tooearly forus. Insituations likeapandemic, acertain period of time is required for a work to be complete. For everything to settle a little. On the other hand, such situations teach us patience, as one of life’s elementary disciplines. You can expect new songs, regardless.” You lived in parallel between Sarajevo and Zagreb. Can you tell us three things you like the most about these cities? “Sarajevoismy hometown,sothat means the emotions are strongest there. I’ve always returned again and again. I lived in Zagreb during one period and have retained strong private and professional ties with it to this day. I know those streets and gladly return to them. I love my own side of Zagreb.” Is there anything that makes Belgrade special for you? “Certainly. Belgrade is still the largest ‘bazaar’ of the former country.Nobodyelsehas that laidbacknatureand ease in communication. Apart from that, Belgraders are always top hosts, and I have many friends in your city. I send greetings to Belgrade.” Do you like to fly? “Yes!BythetimeIreadyourmagazineanddrinksomething, we’ve already arrived. I love Air Serbia because it might one day have a plane with my name on it. Until then, I wish you plenty of success.” Volimda letim, dok pročitamvaš magazin i popijem nešto, već smo stigli, a Er Srbiju volim i jer će jednog danamožda postojati avion s mojim imenom I like to fly. By the time I read your magazine and drink something, we’ve already arrived, and I also love Air Serbia because it might one day have a plane withmy name on it