KULTURA CULTURE 40 | Film » Film That’s definitely a privilege, but there are, of course, some things that aren’t exactly ideal. In smaller communities like that of our country – although I think it’s the same everywhere – it’s difficult to distinguish person A fromperson B, so everything is placed in the same pigeonhole. It tookme a while to provemyself. Peoplewanted to seewhat I’mcapable of doing, and I think I've already shown that.” What was it like toworkwithNelaMihajlović? “It was wonderful. She’s one of my favourite homegrown actresses, withwhom it’s a great pleasure and honour towork.” What brings you the greatest joy during themoments you spend in Serbia, andwhatmakes you feel the same in London?Howdo these days differ, and what do they have in common? “In Serbia, I’mhappiest when spending timewithmy family; withmy grandmother, mumand dad, the rest of my family andmy friends. Time spent with the people I love is themost beautiful time for me. I really love the Zemun quayside and that’s one of the first things I showeveryone who comes to Belgrade fromabroad. I'mcurrently really enjoying Londonwithmy boyfriendMihailo. We enjoy exploring and, for me, that’s themost interesting thing to do in London. I like to go out during the daytime and spend thewhole daywandering somewhere, entering some side street to seewhat's there.” Which three things are “must-sees” in London? “I would definitely recommend that everyone going to Londonwatch a show, if they have the opportunity. The best plays are performed at theNational Theatre, but there are also plenty of other theatres. The theatre actors there are fantastic, so it’s an experience. The TateModern, which is located on the South Bank, ismy favourite gallery. Shoreditch is themost urban part of London – it has lots of graffiti, young artists, digital painters, vintagemarkets, second-hand goods and various antiques. It’s very interesting and you can see all sorts.” Do you like to fly and howdo you spend your time aboard planes? “I like to fly. I’ve never had any fear, because I started travelling a lot as a child. I still really travel a lot and spend time aboard planes. Themost important thing for me is to havemusic and to enjoymyself. It’s nice to turn all things off, set themaside and be unavailable, in some different time and space. I love that feelingwhen I’mabove the clouds. I think that’s unique every time.” Nela Mihailović NOONE HAS SO KNOWINGLY DESCRIBED THE FEMALE SOUL AS BORA You’re no stranger to roles in historical costume dramas. What’s unique about the role of Kata in the film Impure Blood – Sin of Ancestors? “I've always loved that epoch; to return to the past, to delve into it and to feel good there, to don some ancient costume and become comfortable wearing it. Whenever that’s happened, I’ve known that I was doing something good. And this time around I was extremely comfortable in Marina Medenica’s magical costume. It was enough for the name of Bora Stanković to be uttered for me to be left dumbstruck with excitement ahead of the challenge offered to me. No one has so knowingly described the subtleties of the female soul as Bora, and the tragic fates of his heroines represent a challenge for every actress. Kata is one of them.” How interesting was it for you to work with director Milutin Petrović; what did he insist on when it came to constructing your character? “He is primarily a great aestheticist. A man of taste. A man who celebrates beauty in every sense. That was enough for me to feel joy when entering into the adventure of making a film with him. Apart from that, he’s also a director who very carefully casts the roles and selects his crew, all in the glory of beauty. And, last but by no means least, quite the contrary, he’s a director who loves actors, giving them the freedom to be creative and placing trust in them, intuitively extracting the best out of them.” What kind of impression was left on you by the young Anđela Jovanović? “Anđela is a young, talented actress. I enjoyed working with her. I hope this film will prove to a good tailwind for her; that she will embark on a successful and enduring acting journey, and I look forward to meeting her again on that journey.” NM