Film » Film | 39 I MPUR E B LOOD S I N OF ANCESTORS What came before Sophka's birth? Impure blood - Sin of Ancestors, a film based on the works of Bora Stanković, opens the season of great domestic premieres on 26th August and takes us back to our favourite heroes of Serbian literature, the city of Vranje and a forgotten era Today we would call it Impure Blood – Genesis, or dub it a prequel, like some of the Batman films or the first episodes of StarWars. Directed by Milutin Petrović, it is based on a long-lost script authored by Vojislav Voja Nanović, which deals with the time prior to the birth of the character Sophka. It was originally supposed to be directed by Žika Pavlović, before the loss of the script, and the project was recently resurrected when literally the last copy of the script was rediscovered. Adapted by Milena Marković, the film follows the storyof prominent SerbianmerchantHadži Trifun, who strives to keep the peace with the Turkish authorities whilst also preserving his reputation and influence in Vranje, then an important Turkish town near the border with the liberated Serbia. While Trifun prepares his two sons to succeedhimas leaders of the Serbianpeople, he suffers not only at the hands of the powerful Turkish beys, but also due to his family. Trifun makes difficult decisions that will later impact on his descendants – the heroes of the novel Impure Blood. A set inspired by Vranje’s former appearance was built for thepurposesof thefilm– includingseveral houses, an inn, military structures, a mosque, market, town square andmunicipal building. Authentic costumes and uniforms were tailored, while the film will be followed by a series to be aired on Radio-Television Serbia. According to the director, Impure Blood – Sinof Ancestors is like those old films that we love to watch repeatedly. We’ve yet to see whether that’s actually the case. In the meantime, however, we spoke with the film’s two heroines about their impressions from the shoot... Anđela Jovanović You are recognised by the public for your current roles in numerous television series.What kind of experience did you take away fromthe shooting of the film Impure Blood – Sin of Ancestors? “I had a big role inMilitary Academy, but this is definitelymy first major lead role in a filmand it brought me a lot. I think it’s an extremely precious experience that I had the opportunity towork with one of our greatest writers, with this epoch, with the fellowactors withwhom I worked, with director Milutin Petrović etc. I would alsomention costume designer MarinaMedenica, whose costumes are incredible, but really the entire team, both behind and in front of the camera, was brilliant.” Besides the director, withwhomdid you consult themost when it came to your work on the role? “I consultedwithMilutin Petrović themost, while I alsoworked on the dialect withDijanaMarojević, whowas the speech and dialect coach on the filmshoot. I didmost of my preparations at home. I work in that way for each role, and for me that's one of themore interesting parts of the filming process. I enjoy to research and see how I will approach the character, exploring the historical context. Bora Stanković is fromVranje, as ismy father’s side of my family, so I knowplenty about the south and that mentality. Southern blood courses throughmy veins. Those problems are close tome, as is that way of thinking and the feelings that intertwine in his books.” Towhat extent were you helped and hindered by the fact that your parents, Gagi Jovanović andBranka Pujić, are accomplished andwell-known Serbian actors? “That’s a double-edged sword. I think I was helped a lot by the fact that I have the privilege, to this day, of discussing our work withmy parents in themost beautiful possibleway, and of listening to their stories and experiences. SOUTHERN BLOOD COURSES THROUGH MY VEINS AJ Reditelj Milutin Petrović na setu Director Milutin Petrović on the set