Music » Muzika | 35 Skadarlija i ljudi Kako i gde najradije provodite slobodno vreme u Srbiji? Imate li omiljena mesta? – Volimmesta kraj reke, restorane na obali, Skadarliju. Ali više od toga volim da vidim drage ljude i da sa sobom ponesem najlepši suvenir – uspomene. SKADARLIJAAND PEOPLE How and where do you prefer to spend your free time in Serbia; do you have favourite places? “I like places by the river, restaurants on the riverbanks, Skadarlija [the Belgrade Bohemian Quarter]. But, more than that, I like to see people who are dear to me and to take back with me the most beautiful souvenir: memories.” How do you usually spend your time abroad flights and what kinds of experiences have you had with our Air Serbia? “Considering that I work a lot and fly by plane mostly due to work, that often happens after a concert or after long recording sessions. at's why I must admit that on planes I usually sleep [laughs]. I often fly with Air Serbia along the Zagreb - Belgrade route, and your flight crews always welcome me with a wide smile, kindness and great professionalism.” When you look back on your life so far, what do you think? “I think that I should have said to my younger self: don't worry, everything will be alright! You are awaited by wonderful things. You can do it, you’ll endure, be brave and follow your dreams and heart.”`