Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 19 Located on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, Split feels like a city that’s been forgotten by time. The ancient centre is like nothing you’ve seen before, while an entire city district is occupied by the sprawling Roman palace that’s still going strong after 1,700 years and has architecture that’s remained intact over the centuries. But let’s take a look at the best things to do in Split… Diocletian’s Palace Diocletian’s Palace dominates the city’s historic core. A wonderfully-preserved 4th-century complex that combines Diocletian’s villa with the remnants of a large military camp, it’s more of a citadel than a palace, with surprises awaiting around every corner. You’ll even be able to traverse the original Roman streets that cut through the complex, and it should come as no surprise that this stunning site was also a shooting location for Game of Thrones. St. Duje’s Cathedral Split’s cathedral was once Diocletian’s mausoleum. Its central structure dates back to 350AD, making it the world’s oldest working Catholic cathedral. It’s a real thrill to see how Roman elements, like the original ring of 24 supporting columns, has been fused with the hallmarks of a catholic house of worship. Take a moment to check out the cathedral’s wooden doors too, which have survived unaltered since around the year 1200. Klis Fortress Once you see it, you’ll understand why this stronghold, located on a high pass between two mountains, has also appeared in Game of Thrones. Klis Fortress is nestled above terraced hills and framed by yet more towering cliffs of pale grey rock. The ancient Illyrians were the first to build a fortress here, while Klis was the seat of Croatian Kings throughout medieval times. Krka National Park Located an hour’s drive up the coast from Split, this national park follows the course of the River Krka. Many people come here just to see the sublime watery attraction of Skradinski Buk. A large natural pool that’s 400 metres long and 100 metres wide, it is fed by waterfalls at one end and empties via cascade rapids at the other. This spot alone has a total of 17 waterfalls, with the tallest reaching a height of almost 50 metres. You could spend hours lost feasting your eyes on this scene: the pool is enveloped by rich greenery, while visitors also delight in the way the sunlight dances in the swirling water of its whirlpools. A day beside the Adriatic Split’s superb culture makes it easy to forget that the city can also be a fabulous seaside destination. And you won’t need to venture far to experience it: right in the city itself, at the foot of Marjan Hill, lie a sequence of fine natural beaches edged by the hill’s aromatic pine woods. Travel east along the coast from Split and you’ll quickly reach Stobreč, a beautiful horseshoe bay with shallow waters that are ideal for smaller children. The area’s top sandy beach is Bačvice, named after the south-eastern neighbourhood of Split where you’ll find everything you could possibly need. FOTO: iStock / Xbrchx FOTO: iStock / Lara Uhryn FOTO: iStock / Kirilart More than a wonderful architectural backdrop