Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 17 The youngest city in the Bay of Kotor hides a rich culture and tradition. It is able to recall many epochs, as illustrated by its archaeological finds, palaces of noblemen, old churches, maritime heritage and legends that are still believed by locals. Tivat is also proud of its centuries-old tradition of music, dance and culinary delights. There is no shortage of fun here, but also no lack of peace and quiet. The only audible sounds in the nature reserve are the chirping of birds. Serenity is provided by islets, wild beaches and hiking trails that lead to magnificent vantage points. A love of greenery can be seen at every turn and, apart from having its own botanical garden, this city also has its own flower, the magnolia, the scent of which spreads through the city’s streets. Saline Best testifying to Tivat’s wealth is the fact that its territory has the most beautiful coastline, mountain rises and nature reserve! It’s no surprise that over 100 species of bird found peace for themselves right here. A genuine attraction is provided by the flamingos, whose pink feathers beautify the Tivat Saline salt flats. If you add to this its many hidden coves, islands and the largest botanical garden in the Adriatic, it isn’t difficult to conclude why Tivat is an excellent choice. City park In bygone times, sailors returning home would bring back various plants from different parts of the world. That’s why Tivat today boasts the largest botanical garden in the southern Adriatic region, located at the very heart of the city. And that tradition lives on, such that every citizen can gift a sapling that will be planted in the park to mark the occasion of a wedding, birth or any important life event. The trees that you can see within the scope of this monument of nature include Australian conifers, eucalyptus, Aleppo pines, cedars etc. Some of the trees here are 130 years old and over 25 metres tall. Tivatska solila prvi su florističkofaunistički rezervat prirode u Crnoj Gori The Tivat Saline is the first nature reserve of flora and fauna in Montenegro Vrmac Tivat is home to the Vrmac Peninsula - one of the most beautiful hiking and mountaineering zones in the Bay of Kotor. Ideal for cycling, its mountain trails also aren’t too demanding for hikers. From the vantage point of Vrmac, you can see Kotor on one side and Tivat on the other, together with the archipelago comprising the Prevlaka peninsula and the islands of St. Mark and Our Lady of Mercy. While ascending to the highest peak of Sveti Ilija [St. Elijah], at 785m/asl, you will encounter the unique beauty of rural architecture and the hospitality of this area’s local residents. Luštica The Luštica Peninsula is something that you must experience from beginning to end. Whether travelling by bike, car or boat, you will come across many small, authentic coastal settlements, beaches with turquoise waters and coves, olive groves, rich forests and beautifully landscaped gardens. Fusion of Mediterranean charm and luxury