Destination » Destinacija | 99 rust there and testify to my feat, as a lasting monument, over which time passes and events rumble... Puncturedmoney When it comes to coins, the Danes didn’t introduce the euro, but rather remained faithful to their Danish krone. It’s interesting that they also use coins with a hole in the middle. I thought that was due to a desire to save on metal, but one of our men who realised all his dreams in that country revealed an ancient secret to me: even the Vikings viewed everything through interest, symbolically “through money”. It is now possible for them to also do that practically, as he told me. Miracle on the coast I was accommodated on the Danish coast, when I realised that this country doesn’t only urge additional considerations among people alone. Namely, walkers often shorten their leisure time by feeding the seagulls. When Čovek skače u Superkilen parku u Kopenhagenu Man jumping at Superkilen Park in Copenhagen one of the seagulls caught the bread thrown at him, he carried it closer to the shoreanddropped it on the surface of the water. Just when I felt sorry for the clumsy flyer, I realised what the bird was actually doing- she’d learned that fish gather around the bread, and she much prefers themas foodcomparedtostalepastries. As soonasplayful bubbles appeared around the bait (which in professional fishing are referred to as rings, or so I once heard from J. Memedović), she squatted down and caught a thick, stupid, silver fish. The seagull used the bait to attract prey! I don’t knowwhether or not this phenomenonhas already been recorded in ornithological annals, but if it hasn’t I would like tobe creditedwithhaving documented it. I immortalised the releasing of the bread with a camera, as potential proof for theWorld Summit of Ornithologists, if they invite me there as well, which after everything I justifiably hope for. Regardless, I had thus come to a country where even birds behave with consideration… I also experienced their famous cruises. As soon as