Destination » Destinacija | 97 Uroš Petrović je put Danske krenuo na poziv članova renomiranog kluba Milenijum da tamo predstavi svoje knjige i sebe kao književnika Uroš Petrović set off for Denmark at the invitation of members of the renowned club Millennium to present his books and himself as a writer UROŠ P E T ROV I Ć MY DENMAR K Shakespeare would be surprised today On Møllehøj itself I drove a twenty dinar coin into the fertile land of the Vikings, for it to rust there and testify to my feat, as a lasting monument, over which time passes and events rumble... Tekst/Words: Uroš Petrović Fotografije/Photography: Uroš Petrović, iStock Molehoj, ima čitavih 170 metara i 86 centimetara nadmorske visine?Dok samsedeo na najvišoj tački vikinške postojbine pitajući se dokle sežu ljudske mogućnosti, pored mene se progegala neka zalutala debela kokoška, očigledno ne shvatajući opasnost bespuća hirovite planine i toga da sam bio već prilično ogladneo. Ipak, naiđe neka baba na biciklu, te sam odustao od primene ekstremnih metoda ishrane u surovoj prirodi. Nisam kod sebe imao srpsku zastavu, pa sam pretražio džepove, ne želeći da čovečanstvo lišim spomena na ovaj događaj. Na samom Molehoju The highest peak in Denmark is Møllehøj, and I chose to conquer it... Is there a better place to view a country than to see it from its highest peak? Not according to Njegoš. After extensive psychological and physical training, responsibly preparing my body for extreme efforts andunpredictable climatic conditions, I reached the foot of the “roof of the Danish kingdom” filled with adrenaline, mixed with the bitter tastes of the Gammel Dansk liqueur. Ahead of me rose Møllehøj, in all its height and wild splendour. I wanted to ascend alone, so I didn’t seek guides from the ranks of the Inuits, like my cautious colleagues who are led by Sherpas and Yaks when they have similar plans. Myascentbeganonthedayof 12th May 2019 at 5:28 p.m. I was on the peak exactly four minutes and thirty-six seconds later. Did I forget to men�on that the highest point of Denmark, the proud peak of Møllehøj, is just 170 metresand86cen�metresabovesea level?As I sat on thehighest point of theVikinghomeland,wondering howfar the limits of humanpossibili�es extend, a stray fat hen ran past me, obviously not realising the dangers of the whims of the mountains or the fact that I was already quite hungry. However, an old lady came by on a bicycle, so I abandoned the idea of pursuingextrememethodsofsecuring nourishment in the harsh nature. I didn’t have a Serbian flagwithme, so I searched my pockets not wan�ng to deprive humanity of the memoryof thisevent.OnMøllehøj itself I droveatwenty dinar coin into the fer�le landof theVikings, for it to