Zlatibor » Zlatibor | 95 Zlatibor je planina izuzetne lepote, sa blago zatalasanim visoravnima i visokim i strmim padinama / Zlatibor is a mountain of exceptional beauty, with mildly undulating plateaus and high, steep slopes If you are among those who played cowboys and Indians as a child, or if you grew up on a diet of John Ford and JohnWayne movies, the time has come to pack your bags and shoot for Zlatibor! ere you are awaited by El Paso City, named after its American namesake – a city in the Wild West, and everything you ever read in novels about Doc Holliday. e river that runs through this complex divides it into two parts, the American and Serbian parts, so that El Paso City also represents a meeting place for two cultures. On one side of the river is a cowboy town and an Indian village, while on the other bank is the Serbian part, with a church and an appealing Zlatibor hamlet. In the cowboy town you can see authentic replicas of a saloon, bank, post office, barbershop, sheriff’s office, and even a replica jail - just like in Western flicks. ere are also caravans named after famous actors (John Wayne, Gary Cooper etc.), while in the Indian village you can see six painted wigwams that surround an area around a plateau with a campfire. e village was named after one of the most famous Indian chiefs, Sitting Bull, while it seems that they’ve forgotten to add a totem pole, so there’s every chance that your scalp will stay on your head! And when you get bored of the Wild West, you can return to the tranquillity of the Serbian homestead houses of some bygone times. Sorry, where’s JohnWayne? Western Serbia’s tamemountain of Zlatibor has become home to theWildWest, or more precisely to the theme park “El Paso City”, where you can drink whisky in the saloon, chat with Gary Cooper or smoke a peace pipewith Sitting Bull