Ethno villages » Etno-sela | 91 RitamSrbije Rhythmof Serbia ing in the same style, so it should come as no surprise if you come across an old bread oven or a traditional cauldron for distilling rakija. Almost all estates of this kind in Serbia have tried to turn their yards into mini outdoor museums and unified areas with an ambience that provides guests with the opportunity to travel back through time and enjoy the charms of the past, while you can also sunbathe to your heart’s content, swim or try your hand at kayaking. If all of this isn’t tempting enough, some ethno villages also organise some neglected but nonetheless beautiful activities – gathering mushrooms, herbs, apples and plums, distilling rakija, making ajvar bell pepper chutney, fish stew or shepherd’s paprikash, and you can also try making homemade jam and folding delicious pies. Just as Scandinavians have their hygge concept of life that encourages gathering together with loved ones in a comfortable, cosy home atmosphere, so we have ethno villages – providing respite for body and soul, liberating the mind from worries and heavy thoughts, delighting the palate with beautiful, homemade food and providing fun and peace, at least for a short time. Pobegnite u neko drugačije vreme / Escape to some different time Neka od etnosela nude i konačište u autentičnim kućicama ili živopisnim kolibama Some ethno villages also offer accommodation in authentic houses or picturesque cabins