90 | Etno-sela » Ethno villages VIKEND AVANTURA WEEKEND ADVENTURE The modern age has brought us different concepts of enjoyment, travel and relaxation, and the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia are not mountains, spas or lakes, but rather ethno villages. People’s everyday lives today, overwhelmed by crowds, with excessive work and numerous obligations, increasingly strive for peacefulness, leisure, and the fine rhythm of nature. at’s why it’s easy to understand the practise of taking short breaks from the city in ethno style estates, which take us back to some bygone times and reacquaint us with the way our ancestors lived, whilst still retaining the comforts and benefits of the modern age. Another great advantage of ethno villages is that they don’t require great planning or preparation, as they are easily accessible, often located near major cities and don’t require an overnight stay, as you can spend pleasant and relaxing moments there even if you opt for just a day trip. is concept of quick holidays provides us with a kind of reset of the body and soul, an opportunity to enjoy strong, traditional food, a glass or two of rakija brandy or wine, local coffee from a traditional pot and an old-world atmosphere, in fresh air and surrounded by greenery. With the sharp increase in competition that’s come as this type of tourism has become more attractive and sought after, most rural estates and farmsteads have secured additional contents, so you’ll be able to see small zoos with tame, domesticated animals, equestrian clubs, riding and archery schools, mini spa oases, landscaped lanes for rambling through pristine nature, enjoying the sounds of the tambura or accordion… Some ethno villages also offer accommodation in authentic houses or picturesque cabins that were characteristic of the mid to late 19th century, with furnishE T HNO V I L L AGE SHORT BR EA K F ROM T HE C I T Y For a happy soul, a smile on your face, a full stomach and a head free of worries On the richmap of Serbia, you will find ethno villages nestled between mountains withmeadows, orchards and forests, but also those located on the banks of rivers that have their own beach. Ovde možete provesti prijatne i opuštajuće trenutke čak i ako se odlučite za jednodnevni izlet You can spend pleasant and relaxing moments there even if you opt for just a day trip