Application » Aplikacija | 85 Due to a leap in the price of shares, Zoom founder Eric Yuan became $800million richer overnight Erik Juen, osnivač Zooma, preko noći je zbog skoka vrednosti akcija postao bogatiji za 800miliona dolara ooom From 10million users in December last year, this platform had grown to boast as many as 300 million users by April this year, thanks mostly to the pandemic stolovi, čak i sedniceparlamenta. Takođe, korisnici mogu da razmenjuju audio/video sadržaj, onlajn tablu za pisanje i prezentacije, kao i snimanje komunikacije. Međutim, Zoom je doživeo potpuni procvat tek krajem prošle i tokomove godine. Tako je za samonekolikomeseciod10milionakorisnika u decembru prošle godine porastao na čak300milionauapriluovegodine, ačemusunajvišekumovaleokolnosti izbijanjapandemijekoronavirusa, budući da su ljudi svoje poslovne sastanke,predavanjauškolamailiprivatne razgovore iz karantina održavali putem te aplikacije. Prosečno, jedankorisnik ima do pet sastanaka, odnosno poziva putem Zoom aplikacije dnevno, što je ukupno 1,5milijardi sastanaka u toku 24 časa, čime se Zoom svrstao u rednajpopularnijihaplikacija, a broj korisnika i dalje raste. Takođe,gotovodanepostojiaplikacijakojamožedasepohvali činjenicomda jebritanski Parlament prekinuosa700godinastaromtradicijom jer je120poslanikaprisustvovalosedniciputemvideo-poziva,dokjenjih50 bilo prisutno u samom Parlamentu, što je do tada bilo nezamislivo. Zato i ne treba da čudi vest da je pomenuti vlasnik ove kompanije, Erik Juen, preko noći zbog skoka vrednosti akcija, postao bogatiji za 800 miliona dolara. Zuuuuuum, baš! One of my kids’ favourite children’s books that I read to them over and over was Zoom City. I loved this fun little book as much as my kids, and hoped to use the name someday for the perfect company that embodied the same values of creativity, exploration, happiness and trust.“ is is how one of the managers of company Maven Ventures spoke in 2012 about giving the name Zoom to their application, proving in the following period that the good ideas we believe in can certainly be realised. Among dangerous competition, in the company of Skype, BlueJeans, FaceTime and other giants in the field of video calling applications, Eric Yuan decided in 2011 to give up his managerial seat at CiscoWebex, a company specialising in web conferencing, and to embark with 40 associates in the founding of a start-up that many people didn’t believe in, but which a decade later can boast of figures of 300million users. Unlike its predecessors, Zoom can be used by a larger number of people simultaneously, and that is mainly the secret of its success. us, this platform can be utilised to hold school classes, business meetings, round tables and even parliamentary sessions. Moreover, users can share audio/video content, take advantage of an online whiteboard for writing and presentations, as well as recording communications. However, Zoomonly flourished fully at the end of last year and during the course of this year. As such, in just a few months, it went from 10 million users in December last year to grow to as many as 300 million users by April this year, the main contribution to which were the circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic, given that people used this app while under quarantine to hold business meetings, attend school lectures or conduct private conversations. An average user has up to five meetings or calls via the Zoom application per day, which equates to a total of 1.5 billionmeetings in each 24-hour period. is ranks Zoom among the most popular applications, which is also continuing to grow. Furthermore, there is almost no existing application that canboast of the fact that it led the British Parliament to break with a 700-year-old tradition, as 120 of itsMPs attended a session via video call, with only 50 of thempresent in the Parliament itself – something that was previously unthinkable. at’s why it should come as no surprise that the aforementioned owner of this company, EricYuan, became800milliondollars richer overnight, thanks to a leap in the price of shares. Zoooom, really! Tekst/Words: Stefan Petrović Fotografije/Photography: iStock