Interior » Enterijer | 75 I N T E R I OR T R ENDS Newstory of old furniture Wood is a natural material that brings warmth to every home, looks great in its natural colour or painted, and there is no style that it does not suit. This year the game is called – renovate your piece You visit a friend and are left enchanted by a piece of wooden furniture that fits perfectly into the modern ambience, yet still somehow stands out. It resembles that old piece you remember from your grandmother’s house, but it’s not the same one. With modern handles, single colour walls andminimalist armchairs around it... everything is different, but still familiar. And while you view it with admiration, the proud owner awaits the inevitable question – and where did you buy this? is is how we begin the story of a renovated old piece, which – with a little imagination and the skilful hands of a maestro – gained the opportunity for a new life, and enriched your space as a unique, special piece. e story of eco design, or green design, is one of the main themes in both the decorating of an apartment and in every lifestyle story. Carelessly discarding usable furniture and replacing it every couple of years is no longer in fashion, nor is it right. Everything that can be recycled, upcycled or reused, with major or minor alterations, is at the centre of attention. Reclaimed wood is once again an absolute hit around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you recover your grandmother’s cabinet from the basement, buy an itemof used furniture made from solid wood at a flea market or, in an original sense, procure a timber beam that has been reclaimed from an old mill, brickyard or house and install it in your home. In this way, with a little effort, you can get involved in a major way in the ecological story of protecting the planet and world trends in home décor, gaining something special and unique, a grain of history and a story. And even if you don’t know the story, you can tell your own. It is up to you whether you choose rustic, shabby chic or the modern look of wooden furniture. Sve što može da bude reciklirano ili ponovo upotrebljeno u centru je pažnje Everything that can be recycled or reused is at the centre of attention Apsolutni hit u svetu je ponovo upotrebljeno drvo (reclaimed wood)/ Reclaimedwood is again an absolute hit around theworld