66 | Modna savest » Fashion conscience MODA FASHION 1. Love what you have e main advantage of this change in mindset, apart from the obvious ecological one, is that it will provide you with the opportunity to better get to know your clothes and, ultimately, what suits you best. Examine your wardrobe and you will probably realise that you don’t have to buy anything else in order to be trendy. Best of all? is is a trend in itself. e hashtag #nobuy has to date been used on Instagram almost 50,000 times, and is followed by the equally stylistic and modest slogans #thisoldthing and #rewear. Each of these terms signifies the new endeavour to adopt more moderate fashion. 2. Vote with your wallet Even if you can’t resist buying something new, we guarantee that you’ll very soon start opting for brands that promote a more conscious, less polluting modus operandi. All enlightened trendsetters and trendspotters live for the moment when we will no longer even use the term “sustainable fashion”, rather that will simply be an industry standard that will reject all unscrupulous practises in production. But until that happens, we consider that each of us has a duty to the planet to “vote with our wallet” - and to purchase only that which was created in fair and conscientious conditions. Major global brands have recognised that, so collections that are highlighted and to the fore are those created in fair conditions using renewable sources. 3. Resist seasonal challenges We live in a time of obsessive haul videos flooding YouTube and seemingly unstoppable scrolls of influencers always dressed differently, who carry the most expensive handbags just once. With the constant launching of new “capsule” collections, limited edition series and other retail moments that tell us that we’ll regret it if, by any chance, we fail to buy the same products seconds after they arrive in the shops. Isn’t it best to depart from that vicious cycle momentarily (or at least for one fashion season)? Decide to undertake a shopping detox and instead of changing things that “lack nothing”, direct your attention towards ways of combining your existing wardrobe in accordance with new tendencies. 4. Don’t throw away clothes From fashion activism organisation Fashion Revolution, we receive troubling data showing that a hundred billion garments are produced globally each year. However, that’s just the tip of an iceberg that’s melting inexorably: as much as 78 per cent of everything produced is discarded, which is the equivalent of an entire truckload of clothes being dumped in a landfill site every second. If something is torn or needs stitching, take it to a tailor. Donate or recycle everything you definitely don’t want to wear. Many mass fashion brands offer a used textiles collection service in their outlets, with that fabric then reused or recycled. Svako od nas ima dužnost prema planeti da „glasa svojim novčanikom“ Each of us has a duty to the planet to “vote with our wallet” Pregledajte svoj orman i verovatno ćete shvatiti da ne morate ništa više da kupite / Examine your wardrobe and you will realise that you don’t have to buy anything else