56 | Zemun » Zemun ZEMUN Here time flows more slowly Zemun is the place where it is said that Belgrade hid part of its soul, and jealously guards it, sleeping slightly beside the expansive Danube ZEMUN ZEMUN IS A CITY OF FISHERMEN, TRADERS, NARROW cobblestoned streets, tamburitza players and bohemians. Zemun is a placewhere timeflowsmore slowly on the Pannonianplain, andwhere song and joyful children can be heard at any time of the year on the quayside that follows the route of the river along its entire length. Floating in the calm Danube waters are swans and boats of river fishermen, while somewhere on the other side, on Great War Island, live rare birds untouched by man and grow indigenous forests. Rising silently above the rooftops of Zemun’s houses and the Church of St. Nicholas’s bell tower is an imposing brick and mortar structure, one of the last remnants of the once powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire on the territory of today’s Serbia - Gardoš Tower or, as Zemuners like to call it, Sibinjanin Janko’s Tower. e heart of Zemun is right there on Gardoš, fromwhere you’ll see the lights of the city in the distance, beyond the bridges. But that’s not the reason mostBelgraders bring their foreign guests here. Rather it’s because on Gardoš, just like at the restaurants besidetheriver, thebest tamburitza playersperform, andwomen’shigh heels canbeheard striking the cobblestones until late into the night. One must inhale, smell and experience Zemun. Mnogo je labudova na Dunavu, a svi dolaze na užinu do keja There are many swans on the Danube, and they all come to the quayside for brunch