52 | Moj Njujork » My New York #4 – my school I was admitted into the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in 1997, in the class of Michael Margotta, who at one time had also been the acting teacher of the famous Jack Nicholson. I graduated in 2001, with the title role in the exam play William Shakespeare’s Richard III. I had the good fortune to work with some of the world’s best professors of acting. #5 – what’s new In New York every day is something new. There are many events and happenings on a daily basis, so it’s very difficult to followthemall. Newtrends are constantly present, because they naturally arrive here first, as New York is the capital of the world. The rhythm of life is very fast and everyone is in a race against time. That’s a new/old trend in this city that will never change. Here you are constantly on the move. When you stop – you’re finished :-) #6 – Stana Katić All colleagues are the same to me. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I’ve never had a single nasty experience on any of the 86 films, TV series and plays I’ve worked on to date. And I’ve worked with Selena Gomez, Elisabeth Shue, Jeff Goldblum, Lucy Liu, TomHardy, TomSelleck, Billy Zane and many other famous actors. It was a special pleasure for me to work with Stana Katić. I was surprised when she spoke to me in Serbian on the set. I didn’t know she speak our mother tongue, since she grew up in Canada and later moved to America. The people around us on the set were a little jealous because we communicated in Serbian the whole time, while on the other hand it was interesting for them to listen to how we agreed, while in fact we are on opposite sides of the law in the series – she’s an FBI agent and is in charge of putting me in jail. We didn’t know each otherbeforethat cooperationandshe’sagreatprofessional. MOJ NJUJORK MOJ NJUJORK Filmografija Poznat je po zapaženim ulogama u serijama: Red i zakon, Mesto zločina, Kesl , Crna lista, Osnovno, Havaji 5-0, Madam sekretari i mnogim drugim. Na našim prostorima igrao je epizodne uloge u filmovima Turneja, Travelator , Srpski ožiljci , Volja sinovljeva i Neke druge priče, kao i serijama Konak kod Hilmije, Državni službenik, Neprilagođeni i 12 reči . Igrao je naslovnu ulogu Nikole Tesle u predstavi Tesla engleske autorke Šeri Grober na of Brodveju u režiji beogradske rediteljke Sanje Beštić. FilmŽeljka Mirkovića Teslin narod, igrano-dokumentarna drama u srpsko-američkoj produkciji, u kojem ponovo tumači lik Nikole Tesle, kvalifikovao se za Oskara za dugometražni dokumentarni film 2019. godine i time zvanično postao kandidat za Oskara 2020. FILMOGRAPHY He is known for notable roles in the series: Law & Order, Crime Scene Investigation, Castle, The Black List, Elementary, Hawaii Five-0, Madam Secretary, and many others. In our region he’s played episodic roles in the films The Tour, Travelator, Serbian Scars, Son’s Will and Some Other Stories, as well as in the series Konak kod Hilmije, Civil Servant, Misfits and 12Words. He played the title role of Nikola Tesla in the play Tesla by English author Sheri Graubert on Off Broadway, directed by Belgrader Sanja Beštić. With Željko Mirković’s film Tesla Nation, a Serbian-American produced feature-length documentary drama, in which he again interpreted the character of Nikola Tesla, he qualified for the Oscar for feature-length documentary in 2019, thus officially becoming a nominee for a 2020 Oscar. Bilo mi je naročito zadovoljstvo da radim sa StanomKatić It was a special pleasure for me to work with Stana Katić Novi trendovi su stalno prisutni jer, naravno, prvo stižu ovamo New trends are constantly present, because they naturally arrive here first