Mostra » Mostra | 33 MOST R A 2020 The Venice Biennale will this year be held according to its regular schedule, from 2nd to 12th September. Following the cancellation of the Cannes Festival, this really sends amessageof optimism, but the history of theMostra, which has run since 1932, will still change its rhythm as a result of COVID-19. In order to ensure safety during the festival, all protective measures will be in force, with an emphasis on physical distancing, which iswhy a smaller number of visitors is expected. “I’m extremely pleased that the Festival canbeheld,with theminimal reductionof films andsections.Without forgetting the many victims of the last fewmonths, whowill be honoured as they deserve, the first international festival after the forcedbreak caused by the pandemic becomes a significant celebrationof the reopening that we are all looking forward to and a tangible message of optimism for the whole film world, which has been hit so hard by this crisis,” announced the festival’s director Alberto Barbera, adding that the number of films included in the official selectionwill be reduced, but not bymuch, and that 50 to 55 films from all over At a distance, with faith in film The Venice Film Festival will be held this year – read the news that delighted lovers of film and this traditional event, which will this year differ greatly from previous editions the world will be screened. ecompleteprogrammeandadditional details about thefilmfestival were tobe announced at a conference on28th July (a fewdays after this edition of Elevate went to press), but it is already known that this year there will be no Sconfini section, which is intended for different genres of film with aminimumruntime of 60minutes and includes experimental, art housefilms and independent productions. And that themainparts remain unchanged, so the competitive sections of Venice 77 andHorizons will be organised in accordance with the usual procedures and format. Screenings, with the applying of all securitymeasures, will be held on the good old Lido, which, as Barbera noted, will be attended by a significant number of directors and actors, while online press conferenceswill be heldwithparticipantswhoareunable to come to Italy due to travel restrictions. e jury of the 77th Mostrawill be headed by Australian actress and Oscar winner Cate Blanchett, who said that it is both a pleasure and a privilege, while the biennial will also be marked by Italian actress Anna Foglietta, who will host the festival’s opening and closing ceremonies. Filmovi iz sekcije Venecijanska klasika biće u programu festivala Sinema Ritrovato, koji će se u organizaciji Kinoteke Bolonje održati od 25. do 31. avgusta u ovom italijanskomgradu Films included in the Venice Classics section will be on the programme of the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival, which will be held under the organisation of the Bologna Cinematheque in this Italian city from 25th to 31st August