Belgrade » Beograd | 25 Sivi soko na levoj ruci Pobednika govori o budnosti, on pazi da se neprijatelj ponovo ne pojavi, dok mač u desnoj ruci simbolizuje novu pobedu The grey hawk on the Victor’s left hand speaks of vigilance, with himmaking sure that the enemy does not reappear, while the sword in his right hand symbolises a new victory Ko je Zoran Kuzmanović Jedan je od najznačajnijih vajara u bronzi. Rođen je 1967. u Smederevu. Diplomirao je na FLU u Beogradu 1993, a završio je magistarske studije 2002. Osnivač je i rukovodilac Radionice za skulpturu Kuzman, koja postoji od 2003, a umetnički saradnik na FLU u Beogradu bio je od 2010. do 2015. godine. Doktorirao je na Umetničkim studijama Univerziteta umetnosti u Beogradu 2014. Njegove skulpture i vajarski radovi nalaze se u mnogim gradovima regiona. Osim Pobednika na Kalemegdanu, obnovio je skulpture Žetelica u Topčiderskom parku, Dečak sa krčagom na Čukur-česmi, spomenik Sloboda na Iriškom vencu, Spomenik zahvalnosti Francuskoj na Kalemegdanu i mnoge druge. WHO IS ZORAN KUZMANOVIĆ One of the most important sculptors working in bronze, he was born in Smederevo in 1967. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1993 and completed his master‘s studies in 2002. He is the founder and, since 2003, the head of the “Kuzman SculptureWorkshop”, while he was also an artistic associate at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade from 2010 to 2015. He received his Ph.D. from the Art Studies of the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2014. His sculptures and sculpture works can be found in many cities of the region. Apart from the Victor monument in Kalemegdan, he also renewed the Reaper sculpture in Topčider Park, The Boy with a Pitcher on the Čukur fountain, the Freedommonument on IrigWreath, Kalemegdan‘s Gratitude to France monument and many others. Pobednik u ateljeu Zorana Kuzmaovića The Victor in Zoran Kuzmanovic’s studio F ROM MY P E RSP ECT I VE ZOR AN KUZMANOV I Ć , SCU L P TOR The Victor breaks up the Belgrade sky There are many reasons why the Victor monument is so important. Apart from the indisputable artistic mastery of Ivan Meštrović and the reason why it was ordered - as a symbol of freedom after centuries of slavery - the crucial moment was its positioning on a high pillar in Kalemegdan Fortress. Had the sculpture been placed on Terazije, as was originally planned, it perhaps wouldn‘t have been so impressive. Itwould be located between tall buildings, competitive forms of urban ambience. However, its placement in Kalemegdan Fortress, on the horizon between earth and sky, with the very way in which it was placed, and which emphasises it verticality, ensured that it simply breaks apart the sky in that position, acting like antigravity. e fact that we view it from a great distance, and particularly due to the way in which Meštrović stylised the very form of the sculpture, ensured that it simply became a symbol and a recognisable sign of Belgrade. e works undertaken at the end of last year and the beginning of this year on the surface forms of the sculpture are related exclusively to the longterm preservation of the monument. ere were absolutely no interventions on the form of the sculpture itself, except inplaces that had sustained mechanical damage. e responsibility was certainly great, even though I have more than 20 years of experience working with bronze and am very familiar with the related technological processes. e job was certainly a great challenge, but at no point did I fear that I wouldn‘t be able to do it, because in my own artistic work I mostly use bronze, which is a traditional material. Bronze has been recognised since the very beginning as amaterial that‘s used for both secular and sacral purposes. In art it is the most commonly used material in figurative sculpture, in representations of the human body. ere were several parallel jobs to do on the Victor sculpture, with the primary one being solving statics. We estimated that the monument is statically risky and that it could even collapse if hit by a stronger wind. e sculpture is four metres and 20 cen- Mitar Mitrović Snežana Krstić