Destination » Destinacija | 109 T UR K E Y Antalya has as many as 300 sunny days a year The city of Antalya is located in the bay of the same name, at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, which are extremely rich in dense pine forests and, believe it or not, the surrounding mountains are even topped with snow. Drveno pristanište koje vodi do plaže Wooden pier leading to the beach Apolonov hram u mestu Side, u provinciji Antalija The Temple of Apollo in the city of Side, Antalya Province This region belonged to the kingdom of Pergamon back in the 1st century BC. Its ruler, King Attalos II, ordered that his people set out to find themost beautiful place in theworld, paradiseonearth. Andwhenthey foundthatplace they established a city there and named it Attaleia, in the king’s honour. at city is today known as Antalya. is city has been yearned for by various peoples ever since, with rule over the city having changed handsmany times throughout history. When the Romans conquered the kingdom of Pergamon, Attaleia became an exceptional Roman city that was visited by Emperor Hadrian in 130 AD, leading to the construction of a triumphal arch in his honour, which still stands to this day. e city consists of two parts: a modern part, with wide boulevards, shopping centres andnightlife opportunities; and the old part and historic city centre of Kaleiçi, which grew up around the old port. It has narrow streets, old Turkish houses and craft shops that are not only examples of old architecture, but also a way of life and customs in old Antalya. Antalya is among the top summer resorts in southern Turkey. Adorned with long, sandy beaches, turquoisewaters and luxury hotels, theMediterranean climate and fascinating beaches of this metropolis have ensured that it’s been attracting new visitors and bringing back old ones for many years. And don’t forget that there’s sunshine here more than 300 days a year… iStock / nejdetduzen iStock / graphixel iStock / Anna Cinaroglu