/ If you are wondering what actor Boris Komnenić, writer James Joyce and boxerMate Parlov have in common, the answer is provided in a namewith four letters–Pula.All threeof themspent timeliving inthismagical ancient Istriancity.Andthat’s justasmall partof thesecretshiddenby this pearl of Istria. The rst associationwith Pula is its amphitheatre,whichwasbuiltduringthesame periodasRome’sownColosseum.Onceable toaccommodateup to20,000 spectators, it was of coursebuilt tohost gladiator battles. The arena can today hold only a quarter as many spectators, but it is still at the centre of events, thoughnowthoseevents arecultural, soduringAugust youcannot onlyenjoy the city’s famous lm festival there, but alsowatchperformances of Rade Šerbedžija’sUlyssesTheatre, attendaperformanceof the opera Carmen or experience concerts of Vlatko Stefanovski or Đorđe Balašević. Of course, youcanalsoattendgladiatorbattles, which represent unmissableperformances. And from the Arena, in the evenings, don’t miss the view of the Lighting Giants, thevisual light installationbyworld-famous lighting designer Dean Skira. He lit up the cranes of Pula’s Uljanik Shipyard, giving you thechancetoenjoythesemodernsculptures that change constantly, with 16,000 combinationsofdi erentcolours inwhichtheycan be illuminated. If you are actually more into antiquity, youshouldknowthatPulaistheworld’s largest site for thediscoveringof amphora jugs, whichyoucancheckoutatthemuseumright next totheArena.There isalsoaRomantheatre, theTempleofAugustus, theArchof the Sergii - the“GoldenGate”triumphalarchthat was built between 29 and 27 BC. TherearealsomanymuseumsdedicatedtoRomanexcavations,seafaring,wineetc., whilethere’salsoanexcellentmuseumofcontemporary art, numerous galleries, and the MEMOmuseum, dedicated to everyday life and fondmemories.There youcan seehow people livedfromthe1950s tothe‘80s,with a story that guides you through the life of a ctitious familyof four. Everything is there– lm, music, food, fashion, children’s games and life in an apartment... So, you simply can’t get bored in Pula. Thismagical little city is surroundedby 15 perfect beaches, and they generally all havescentednatural shade. Andtheyareall di erent–pebbles, largestonesorrockyoutcrops. If this isn’t enough for you, the Brijuni islands are located just six kilometres from the city, separated from Pula by the Fažana Strait.Thisarchipelagoboastsvery lushvegetation, a perfect climate and crystal clear waters. Boat tours are organised daily, ensuring you can very easily access Croatia’s most beautiful beaches. You can also voyage by boat fromPula tovisit theKvarner Islands, Lošinj,Cres,Susak and other islands, or to skip across the Adriatic toVenice. And if you ndyourself tiredof the sea, you have at your disposal 100 kilometres of walkingtrails,thelongestofwhich,coveringa distanceof30kilometres, istobefoundinthe Imperial Forest. Situated in the shade, clearlymarkedandoftenimmediatelybesidethe sea, this route is a favouriteamongall lovers of walking. And while you’re already in Pula, it would be a real shame not to explore the surrounding area, where you are awaitedbysmall, preservedmedieval townswith the best culinary o ers on the coast. The oliveoil andwineof Istriahaveparticularly intoxicating avours. Immediately beside the Arena is theAquarium, which is alsoamust. And you know that you really should visit Pula, because even a bookwouldn’t be enough to describe it.