| 109 Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is the placewhereourpassengersarereunitedwiththeir familiesafter long absences fromhome, uponreturn fromholiday and after journeys from close anddistant destinations, whichalsomeans our Belgrade hub is a place of joy and tears. Theexcitement feltbyour travellersontheir journeys, regardless of whether they travel rarely or often, is almost always part of the everyday life that Airport employees have the opportunity towitness.With all this experience,ourpassengersfollowtherequired pre- ight procedures, and the sta of Belgrade NikolaTesla Airport work hard to ensure that all procedures pass as pleasantly as possible for our passengers, but also as simply and e ciently as possible. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE SECURITY SCREENING Eachpassengerboardinganaircraft must be screened in advance for security reasons. In order to speed up the security screening process, please followthe instructionsof securitysta .We kindly ask you to prepare your boardingpass, remove fromyourpocketsand hand luggage all metal objects, keys, coins, cell phones and place all these items inone of the plastic trays provided; takeo your coator jacketandplace it in a plastic tray; remove your laptop orotherelectronicdevice fromits travel case and place it on a plastic tray separately for screening, andalsoplace any transparent plastic bagswith liquids in a plastic tray for screening. During the security screening, you pass through ametal detector, while your luggage and outer clothing is x-rayed. ADDITIONAL SECURITY MEASURES CONCERNING LIQUIDS IN HAND LUGGAGE When it comes to hand luggage liquids, gels and aerosols can be transported if packed in a zip-locked 20 x 20cm transparent plastic bag. Each passenger can bring one zipped transparent plastic bag. Themaximumcapacity per itemcarried ina zip-locked transparent plasticbag is 100ml, with a total volume of 1,000ml of liquid permitted per passenger. LIST OF ITEMS PROHIBITED IN HAND AND/OR HOLD LUGGAGE To ensure your safety and security, passengers are not allowed to carry the following items in the airport security restricted area or aboard aircraft: guns, rearmsandotherdevices thatdischargeprojectiles, stun devices, objects with sharp points or sharp edges, workmen’s tools, blunt instruments, explosives and incendiary substances and devices. Someairlines have introduced restrictions on the transporting of devices and items using lithium-ion batteries, while certain carriers do not permit the transport of such devices in either hand luggage or checked baggage (such devices include some types mobile phones, hover boards, mini-segways, airwheels or luggage scooters). TIPS During your stay at Nikola Tesla Airport, please do not leave your luggage unattended until you hand it over at the check-in counter, while you should take care of your carry-on hand luggage at all times. It is important that you do not hand over someone else’s baggage as your own. All additional information regarding security procedures is available via your airline or the Nikola Tesla Airport Information Desk. Tel: (+381 11) 209 4000. U zonu aerodroma, kao i u vazduhoplov nije dozvoljeno unositi vatreno oružje, uređaje za omamljivanje, predmete sa oštrim vrhom ili oštrom ivicom, alate, tupe predmete, eksplozive i zapaljive materije i naprave In the airport area or onboard aircraft are not allowed to carry guns, firearms, stunning devices, objects with sharp point or sharp edge, workmen’s tools, blunt instruments, explosives and incendiary substances and devices