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Turkiš erlajnz, koji leti u više zemalja i na više destinacija nego bilo koja druga avio-kompanija na svetu, trenutno održava više od 300 međunarodnih putničkih i teretnih destinacija u 128 zemalja Turkish Airlines, which flies to more countries and international destinations than any other airline in the world, currently operates flights to a total of more than 300 international passenger and cargo destinations in 128 countries Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 3 S i gned i n I stanbu l The Turkish Airlines – Air Serbia codeshare expansion agreement was officially signed in Istanbul in the presence of thetwoairlines’CEOs–BilalEkşi and Jiří Marek. The two carriers, which already codeshare on both airlines’ routes between Belgrade and Istanbul, further extended their cooperation with Air Serbia adding its JU marketing code to Turkish Airlines’ AnadoluJet brand flights between the Turkish capital of Ankara and the Serbian capital of Belgrade. At the same time, Turkish Airlines has added its TK marketing code to Air Serbia’sroutesbetweenNišandIstanbul andbetweenKraljevo and Istanbul, thusprovidingpassengers along these routes with access to Turkish Airlines’ global network. Moreover, taking into account the complementary structure of the timetables of both carriers and their agreement towork reciprocally, customers of both airlines will be able to enjoy seamless connectivity in their respective hubs. Joint flights offer fast and convenient connections for customers departing İsTurkish Airlines and Air Serbia further expand their codeshare cooperation The national airlines of Serbia and Turkey have announced the further extending of their commercial cooperation, with the expansion of their existing codeshare agreement to encompass destinations from the networks of both Turkish Airlines and Air Serbia tanbul, Turkey’s biggest city and an important flight hub for the region, bound for Belgrade and beyond, as well as forpassengers travelling from the Serbian capital to Istanbul and beyond. “As Turkish Airlines, we are glad to expand our existing cooperation through this enhanced codeshare agreement with Air Serbia. With the introduction of new codeshareflights onseveral destinations in Serbia, Turkey and around the Balkans, passengers have started to benefit from an effective opportunity to enjoymore travel alternatives. We hope to provide further travel opportunities for our customerswith enhancedbilateral rights in the coming period. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Marek and his teamfor their efforts toput this enhancement into effect. Without a doubt, this step will also provide a substantial added value to bilateral relations between the two countries,” saidTurkishAirlinesCEO Bilal Ekşi. “Improving our commercial cooperation with Turkish Airlines began inmid-2020, just a fewmonths after theoutbreakof thecoronavirus pandemic, which changed air traffic completely. Despite the fact that we hadtomeetremotely,wemanagedto agree to extremely successful cooperationonflightsbetweenour hubs, whichquicklyexpanded toadditional points. It is a great honour forme that we can now sign the additional expansion of codeshare cooperation between the two companies in a direct way, through the meeting of the two CEOs, and thus formalise even better cooperation in the months andyears to come, hopefully with the abating of the pandemic and the global recovery of air traffic,” said Air Serbia CEO Jiří Marek. In 2022, Air Serbia is launching flights to 12 new destinations, throughout Europe and theMiddle East, from its three hubs in Serbia. Proširenje kodšer sporazuma je zvanično potpisano u Istanbulu u prisustvu generalnih direktora dve avio-kompanije – Bilala Ekšija i Jiržija Mareka The Turkish Airlines – Air Serbia codeshare expansion agreement was officially signed in Istanbul in the presence of the two airlines’ CEOs – Bilal Ekşi and Jiří Marek