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Belgrade » Beograd | 65 Start maratonske trke je na raskrsnici Bulevara kralja Aleksandra i Resavske ulice, ispred čuvene poslovnice Er Srbije (nekadašnji JAT) The marathon’s start line is at the junction of King Aleksandar Boulevard and Resavska Street, in front of the famous branch office of Air Serbia (formerly JAT) T he B e lgr ade Mar at hon The best way to get to know the city – in running shoes You won’t need bus and tram tickets or taxi money for this tourist route – just running shoes Thereareseveralreally good reasons confirmingthe veracity of the statement in the title of this text: the streets are free of traffic congestion and everything is much more tranquil; you’ll see the city’s residents froma different perspective; you’ll feel the energy of the city in a different way. The Belgrade Marathon, which has been held in the Serbian capital since 1988, is this year celebrating its 35th birthday. Itwill take place on 15th May and, should you decide to participate, you will pass by some interesting sights along the route. Rome was built on seven hills, but Belgrade has as many as 33 – which iswhy theBelgradeMarathon isn’t easy for thoseseeking toachieve their personal bestmarathon result. Belgradeisperchedontheconfluence of the rivers Sava and Danube, and participants in this marathon cross twobridges inone day.This route also reveals some of the most important historical buildings in this city that’s rich with history.