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Interview » Intervju | 25 Dan i ca Ćurč i ć, act r ess It was very touching to return to the city of my birth This native Belgrader, who left for Denmark when she was just a year old, has achieved acting glory in that country, conquered Netflix and, with the filmDarkling at this year's FEST, finally returned home. TheRoyal DanishTheatre inCopenhagen, the best young actress of theBerlinFestival, ahit series that airs onNetflix, and a recent recipient of theprestigiousPlaqueof theYugoslav FilmArchives Cinematheque… In short, incredible Danish actress of Serbian origin Danica Ćurčić. After conquering European cinematography and American television, she played her first role in a Serbianfilm, whichwehadanopportunity towatchat the 50th FEST. InDušanMilić's workDarkling [Mrak], Danica appears alongside Slavko Štimac in this shocking psychological drama set inKosovo.Thisprojectpromptedher return toher nativeBelgrade, fromwhich she’d first departedwhen shewas just a year old, and this visit proved extremely emotional for her. How did you feel in Belgrade, at FEST, appearing in a Serbian film after all these years? “I felt so incrediblyproudand touched tohaveDarkling – my first project in Serbian – shown in the city ofmy birth. Itwasmyfirst time attendingFEST, and it was a wonderful selection of films.Themost beautiful part of it all was thatmy family could share itwithme.” Two Danish TV shows that you star in – Equinox andThe Chestnut Man – have both found their place on the world’s most popular streaming platform, Netflix. To begin with, I have to admit that I looked behind me at night after watchingThe Chestnut Man…How was it for you? “It was a great experience working on Chestnut man. It was an amazing creative team, from the creator of the book to the directors, actors, and the crew both behind and in front of the camera, and it was a particularly huge joy to finally get to act with my old classmate fromtheatre school anddear friend,Mikkel BoeFølsgaard,who I consideroneof thegreatest actors in Denmark.” Why are there so many dark and scary books, films and series coming from the country conFoto: profimedia.rs / Courtesy Everett Collection / Everett Foto: profimedia.rs / Netflix / Everett Foto: profimedia.rs / David Heerde / Shutterstock Editorial