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Promo » Promo | 11 N I CHE P E R F UMES – YOUR F R AGR ANT NEW STORY Trigger new emotions, adorn uniqueness Every perfume differs and represents a special journey, a journey with plenty of research, a journey that awakens incredible emotions. Choosing that special, niche perfume that’s just for you is your personal story that reveals your attitude, passion, but also the courage to wear it. What are niche perfumes? Different, special, personal, innovative and interesting, niche perfumes hide within them unique fragrance compositions made from high-quality ingredients. They are created by perfume designers who add their own experiences and feelings to their creations, which is why they’re considered top artists whose creations can be enjoyed by everyone. Certain perfumes represent the result of long tradition, often spiced up with new fragrant expressions that are modern and bold. Niche women's, men's or unisex perfumes provide exclusivity and accentuate diversity, individuality, seductiveness, sensuality, avant-garde and grace. Everyone is able to search for a single fragrance and, on the basis of their personal sensibility, be inspired and experience that scent with all the senses. It isn’t always simple to find a perfume that portrays you, a perfume that leaves an impression, a perfume that relays a message about you to others. Your genuine guide on this journey is Belodore, which is there to reveal new horizons and positive emotions to you, and to win you over completely. Belodore is a regional chain of niche perfumeries that was founded in 2017 and operates in six countries. Each perfumery charms visitors with its elegance and warmth. Belodore’s kindly experts are there to familiarise you with the exhilarating world of unique perfumes and premium facial care products from an offer that encompasses more than 40 carefully selected brands. You are directed to the location of your favourite perfumery, and the place where your fragrant new story hides, via the portal www.belodore.rs. mesto gde se krije vaša novamirisna priča the place where your fragrant new story hides www.belodore.rs Belodore West 65 Mall Belgrade