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Sports » Sport | 109 of around4,500km, andduring that time a single car uses over 100 tyres just to complete the race,” explains Dušan for Elevate. You will be joined at the start line by legendary motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi, who has retired from two-wheeled racing and switched to four. “Rossi is one of themost charismatic sportsmen. I don't know anyone else who elicits only positive emotions among people. The public is usually divided, as is the case, for example, with Schumacher, but with Rossi there is only pure adoration. All of us who love cars and have that love inour blood, also love motorcycle racing, and we mostly watchedGrandPrixmotorcycle racingbecauseof him.Wewatchedhim performing on that scene for more than 20 years, and it seems like a dreamtome that I will share a track with him. I don't think I'm actually conscious of everything yet. Do you find it harder to drive since becoming a father? “Yes, it’s certainlyharder forme, primarily because of the greatly increased responsibility for my life and everything that happens on the track. I had no idea how I would be struck by such thoughts until my older daughter came into theworld. Andnowthatwe’ve alsobeen joined by Sara, there is double the responsibility. Sofija has been part of the team since birth, not missing a single race, as we took her everywhere withus.We’ll alsodo thatwithSara, so our box will be full. We don't like being apart and this is the best solution for everyone. We had the icebreaker and I’m certain everything will run smoothly now that there are four of us.” You travel regularly. What’s your favourite destination and how are your experiences of flying with Air Serbia? “When it comes to transoceanic flights, my favourite destination is definitely New York. In Europe, I love Barcelona. On the one side, my wife and I adore it as a beautiful, cosmopolitan city, with suchbeauty on all sides that you don’t knowwhere to look when you arrive, while now we’re also connected to this city on thework front. Specifically, my new team,MadpandaMotorsport, hails from Barcelona and my travels will takeme there several times this year, and certainly at the end of September, when the final race of the seasonwill be held on the circuit in this Catalonian city. For me, there is no alternative to travellingwithAir Serbiawheneverwe’reheading to adestinationthat’s coveredbyour airline. We feel at home aboard the plane.” Putovanje sa Er Srbijom za mene nema alternativu For me, there is no alternative to travelling with Air Serbia Foto: Privatna arhiva