Interior » Enterijer | 77 Oplemenjivanje prostora biljkama se podrazumeva Refining the space with plants is a given The emphasis is on clean lines, illuminated spaces and light colours Akcenat je na čistim linijama, osvetljenim prostorima i svetlim bojama JAPAND I DES I GN I S TAK I NG I NTER I ORS BY STORM Scandinavian functionality and Japanese minimalism With the combining of two cultures, which are seemingly different but share a similar visual approach, we now have ‘Japandi’ - a fusion of Japan and Scandinavia JAPAN AND SCANDINAVIA APPEAR TO BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT at first glance, but they are connected by a shared approach to home décor that implies simplicity, natural elements and comfort. Japandi design represents a combinationof ScandinavianfunctionalityandrusticJapaneseminimalism, the combiningofwhich creates a style that’s artistic, but also natural and simple.This kindof fusionprovides aperfect combination of form and function, while the emphasis is on clean lines, illuminated spaces and light colours. Whenwe say reduced, we’re referring to everything except that which is boring. The fusion of styles is reflected in simplified, minimalist designs that are pleasing to the eye while being extremely functional. Each piece is high-quality and almost like a mini artwork, crafted to perfection and often made or finished by hand. Alongside all stronger movements promoting Foto: iStock / FollowTheFlow Foto: iStock / KatarzynaBialasiewic eco-friendly aesthetics, this is a total hit, with décor that promotes sustainability, coupled with a lack of details that means less waste. The Scandinavian concept of home comfort and cosiness combines perfectly with the Japanese visual style, which promotes the idea that beauty is also found in imperfections. By combining Scandinavian perfectionism and Japanese imperfection, with an emphasis on textures from nature, we have gained a harmonious yet dynamic style that remains light and sophisticated. Reduced colours with a tinge of green and refining the space with plants are a given. Alongside furnituremade of wood and bamboo, you will almost have the feeling that you’re living outdoors. This kind of style is not intended for short-term use, so you should opt for pieces that will stand the test of time and that you’ll be able to upgrade. The time has come for us to confront the expansionof disposablepieces and turn to those that are sustainable for the planet, without sacrificing on comfort and convenience. Well done Japandi!