62 | Beograd » Belgrade R I TAM GRADA / RHYTHM OF THE CI TY ST R E E TS T HAT AR E NAMED A F T E R T R E ES Eco settlement on the site of Cer Forest Today, 40 years after its construction, the Cerak Vinogradi neighbourhood is Europe's third settlement of modern architecture to enjoy the status of a cultural monument The Cerak Vinogradi [Vineyards] settlement (Cerak 1 and 2) is located in the Belgrade Municipality of Čukarica, on the hills of Šumadija, in close proximity toKošutnjak and not far from the Lipovica Forest, where residents can enjoy views of Avala and the slopes of Kosmaj from their windows. At a distance of around 10 km from the city centre, itwas the terrain'smorphology and the pleasant climate which determined that the site of the ancient Cer Forest would provide the location for the first eco-friendly residential settlement inBelgrade. Itwas constructedon the basis of thedesignproject ofmarried couple professors Darko andMilenija Marušić and architect NedeljkoBorovnica, in the period from 1976 to 1986. It was at the initiative of the Institute for the ProtectionofCulturalMonumentsof theCity of Belgrade that theGovernment of theRepublic of Serbia declared the CerakVinogradi settlement as a cultural monument, thus making it Europe’s third urban neighbourhood of contemporary architecture to hold such a status. The construction of housing estates in the thenYugoslaviawas primarily the task of the supreme state leadership, on the basis of regulations governing social welfare policy.The aimof the author was to build a modern and functional settlement that would improve the standard ofmultifamily housing in settlements located beyond the city's narrower urban area.The terrain'snatural features shaped the urbanisation concept, through the specific organisingof space, the layout of buildings and the network of streets. This settlement comprises four neighbourhoods with essential facilities, as well as a central park that connects them to form an integral unit. RecognisSa svojih prozora stanovnici Ceraka vide Avalu i obronke Kosmaja /The residents of the Cerak settlement can enjoy views of Avala and the slopes of Kosmaj from their windows iStock / nedomacki