Since flights to the U.S. resumed after the pandemic groundings on 6th June 2020, Air Serbia had carried out 218 flights between Belgrade and NewYork by 28th February 2021, carrying a total of 38,187 passengers Od ponovnog uspostavljanja vazdušne veze sa SAD, 6. juna 2020, do 28. februara 2021. Er Srbija je obavila 218 letova između Beograda i Njujorka i prevezla ukupno 38.187 putnika. Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 45 T R I L E TA NEDE L J NO T HR E E F L I GH TS P E R WE E K NEW OF F E R F ROM A I R SE R B I A ER SRBIJA POVEĆALA BROJ LETOVA DONJUJORKA AIR SERBIA BOOSTS NEWYORK SERVICE The benefit of changing the date of your flight free of charge, which makes travel planning much easier, will be available to all those who purchase flight tickets by 31st December 2021 FREE FLIGHT DATE CHANGE UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR Foto: iStock / a_Taiga DUE TO THE CHANGING EPIDEMIOLOGICAL SITUATION that results in the imposing of travel restrictions, Air Serbia has decided to enable its passengers to change the dates of their travels until the end of the year. This benefit, which makes travel planning much easier, will be available to all those who purchase flight tickets by 31st December 2021. The promotional campaign includes all destinations in the Serbian national airline’s network, except New York, and applies to dates of travel up to 31st December 2021. “The situation is still very prone to change in regard to travel restrictions, which is why flexibility is one of the key elements when booking a flight. Putting the needs of our passengers first, we have decided to extend this campaign and enable passengers to approach their travel planning in a more relaxed way during the upcoming season as well. Additionally, in the coming period, we will begin testing the IATA Travel Pass, a mobile app that will help passengers organise their travels simply and safely, in accordance with the regulations of countries pertaining to COVID-19 testing or vaccination,” said Jiri Marek, Air Serbia General Manager, Commercial and Strategy. Air Serbia’s promotional campaign allows passengers to change the date of their flights an unlimited number of times and at any time, without paying date change fees, no later than one day before the planned departure. If the initially paid tariff is not available for the newly-selected date, it is possible to pay the difference for the next available tariff. ZBOGVEĆE POTRAŽNJE, ER SRBIJA JE od 22. marta povećala broj letova između Beograda i Njujorka na tri nedeljno, pa saobraća ponedeljkom, četvrtkom i subotom. Dodatni let JU 500 iz Beograda obavlja se ponedeljkom u 7.20, a let JU 501 iz Njujorka u 15.40 po lokalnimvremenima. – Dodavanje još jednog nedeljnog leta ka Njujorku, uprkos pandemiji korona virusa, jasan je pokazatelj da naša linija preko Atlantika dobro funkcioniše i predstavlja jednu od najjačih ruta Er Srbije. Sjedinjene Američke Države su veoma značajno tržište i raduje nas što obezbeđujemo kontinuiranu i snažnu vazdušnu vezu ne samo Srbiji, već i širem regionu – izjavio je Jirži Marek, direktor za komercijalu i strategiju Er Srbije. Uspeh koji Er Srbija već dugo beleži na liniji za Njujork potvrđen je u septembru 2020. godine, kada se, sa 67 odsto na Terminalu 4 najprometnijeg njujorškog aerodroma, našla na prvommestu po popunjenosti kapaciteta za prevoz putnika. IN RESPONSE TO INCREASED DEMAND, AIR Serbia has increased the number of flights between Belgrade and New York to three a week, as of 22nd March, and is planning to operate flights along this route on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. An additional JU 500 flight from Belgrade is departing on Mondays at 07:20, while the JU 501 flight fromNew York will be departing at 15:40, local times. “The addition of another weekly flight toNewYork, despite the pandemic, is a clear indicator that our transatlantic connection functions well and that it represents one of Air Serbia’s strongest routes. The United States is a very important market for us, andwe are glad to provide continuous and strong flight connectivity, not just to Serbia, but also to the broader region,” said Jiri Marek, Air SerbiaGeneral Manager, Commercial and Strategy. The enduring success that Air Serbia has been achievingwith its NewYork servicewas confirmed in September 2020, when –with 67% at Terminal 4 of NewYork‘s busiest airport – it found itself ranked number one in terms of the load factor on flights to the Big Apple.