Francuski makaronsi su u svom šarenilu podjednako veseli kao Parižani French macaroons are as cheerful in their colourfulness as Parisians sions when we hear that perfect British accent and visualise the virtue of these Islanders that has been defined as a stiff upper lip, the shake is the edible equivalent of the mid-American drawl. There are many examples: baklava is as layered as any Turkish word that twists the tongue; the Scandinavian semla creambun is as harmonious as the pragmatic Swedes; and French macaroons are as cheerful in their colourfulness as Parisians explaining something bitterly after a glass of dessert wine. I‘m not a great connoisseur of football - but I remembered one interesting anecdote about fans of Rome‘s Lazio club who would celebrate after every match of their belovYou can discover the spirit of a city you're visiting better in its traditional pastry shops than by walking through a national museum U tradicionalnim poslastičarnicama možete da otkrijete duh grada koji posećujete bolje nego šetajući nacionalnimmuzejom Sweets » Slatkiši | 101 ed team not by getting drunk in a bar with the team, but rather by heading to a secluded, modest bakery for cannoli. They then spend a long time standing in front of the bakery, leaning against their Vespa scooters, commenting on thematch while enjoying this traditional dessert. It‘s no wonder the phrase “the sweet life” sounds most convincing in Italian. La dolce vita. iStock / loooby iStock / Magone