| 83 LABELLA Ovo je grad u kojem možete sebi da dopustite da besciljno lutate njegovim ulicama. Pamtićete ga i da ne posetite ijedan muzej ili turističku znamenitost This is a city where you can allow yourself to wander its streets aimlessly. You will remember it without even having visited a single museum or tourist attraction How come I’m in Nice? Because of love. I met my love here, so I moved toNicebecauseof that. I rememberholidayingherenearly tenyearsago, thinkingontheplaneof those sentimental Meg Ryan lms, and then just such a story happened to me. But love also happened with the beautiful Nice itself. It’snotbychance thats it’sdubbedNissa la Bella (Nice the Beautiful), which is also thenameof theuno cial anthemof the citythat’ssungintheNiçarddialect,because this is an incredibly beautiful city. And it’s also in an incredibly beautiful location, beside the sea, and with the Alps in the distance, so in winter you can reach some of the famous French ski resorts in an hour andahalf.Theclimate isexcellent,withmild winters and even the hottest days of summer not unbearably sti ing.You can, for instance, swimat thebeach inAntibes as early as May while viewing the snow-capped peaks in the hinterland behind Nice. I’ve lived here for many years, and as Nice isn’t a big city, despite being the fth largest in France, I’ve passed through some places a million times. And it can still happen that I nd myself amazed; that I spot some detail I’ve previously overlooked. Start your walk from the place everyone starts: the English Promenade, better knownby its Frenchname, thePromenade desAnglais.Toonesideisthefour-kilometrelongcitybeach, stretchingalong theBayof Angels (BaiedesAnges),wherethebeautiful weatherenablesyoutoimmediatelyunderstandwhy the entire coast is namedAzure, after the shade of blue, while on the other side of the promenade, for just as many kilometres, is a veritable exhibition of architecture, featuringahost of Art Nouveau and Art Deco gems. And when you abandon the classic tourist sightseeing, France will emerge in its full splendour. There is a reason why France is the world’s top touristdestination–andthat’sacombinationof naturalbeautiesandcultural sites,urbanand rural ambient collectives the likes of which iStock / MartaTari