78 | / tri godine kasnije za nju napisao Želim. Zaz je umeđuvremenu pevala i sa grupom Svit er, imala uspeha na prestižnom muzičkom takmičenju, držala koncerte u Rusiji i Egiptu, da bi se ponovo vratila boemskom životu Monmartra. Najlakše se, izgleda, udiše vazduh sa visina Pariza. Autentičnu potrebu za slobodom mogao je da zadovolji samo njen deo Pariza, ali su je u svojim redovima želeli kompanija Karamba i izdavač Soni ATV, kao i publika širom sveta, od Montreala do Beograda. U srpskoj prestonici održala je koncert 2012, godinu dana posle nastupa na Petrovaradinskoj tvrđavi u Novom Sadu. Pevala je na Kalemegdanu. Ćerka profesorke španskog jezika i radnika u elektroenergetskoj kompaniji snimila je 2013. drugi album Recto-vers. Objavila je nekoliko singlova, a onda je 2018. pesmom Sutra, to si ti (Demain c’est toi), koju je posvetila budućem detetu, najavila Efekat ogledala (E–etmiroir), album koji je miks najrazličitijih žanrova. Velika serija koncerata počela je 14. marta ove godine u francuskom gradu Le Gran Keviji, nastaviće se u Americi, Španiji, Japanu, Češkoj, a završiti 8. septembra u Berlinu. A da li će se nova Edit Pjaf ponovo vratiti naMonmartr? Sigurno, jer vrata pariske boemske četvrti nikada nije ni zatvorila. world’smost famouscabaretandnightclub, which is decoratedwith paintings byToulouse-Lautrec. And when the hundredth anniversary of this cabaret club was celebrated in 1989, it hosted a performance by Ella Fitzgerald, a singer who did a lot for Zaz as an inspiration and role model. She shared her talent with the world at the Place duTertre, a square that’s at an elevation of 130 metres above sea level andmostly brings togethers painterswho have to share a precisely de ned space. And that division is indeed a matter of artistic prestige. Her authentic musical background, with the fact that her songs illustrate her life, turned her into a star. And she could not have imagined a better start than the song“JeVeux”[IWant], brought to screens with a video shot on the streets of Paris, fromher debut album“Zaz”. The debut albumreleasedninedays after her 30th birthday (on 10th May 2010) went gold in terms of copies sold. Prior toher successful start, she sang innumerous bands: Fifty Fingers, in jazzquartets, and in theLatin-rockgroup “DonDiego”,whosemembersgaveher her nickname.When signing the contract, she wrote only“Z”, which was transformed instantaneously intoZaz.Withhernewname, she performed at a cabaret in the SaintMichel neighbourhood, only to later turn to the charming Montmartre. An important year in her career was 2007, when she responded to an internet advertisement of singer/songwriter and composer Kerredine Soltani. Although they didn’t collaborate at the time, it was threeyears later that thisFrenchsongwriter wrote‘JeVeux’for her. In themeantime, Zaz also sang with the group “Sweet Air”, enjoyed success in a prestigiousmusic competition, and held concerts in Russia and Egypt, only to eventually return to the bohemian life ofMontmartre. She seemingly breathes easiest fromthe heights of Paris. Her authenticneed for freedomcould only be satis ed by her part of Paris, but wantingher among their rankswere company Caramba andpublisher Sony ATV, as well as audiences around the world, from Montreal to Belgrade. She held a concert in the Serbian capital in 2012, a year after her performance at Novi Sad’s Petrovaradin Fortress. She sang at Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Fortress. This daughter of a professor of Spanishandanelectricpower companyworker recorded her second album, “Recto-vers”, in 2013. She released several singles and then, in 2018, she released the song “Demain c’est toi” [Tomorrow It’s You], which she dedicated to her future child, and announced her upcoming album “E et miroir” [Mirror E ect], which is a mix of the most diverse genres. She began a major concert tour on 14th March in the French commune of Le Grand-Quevilly thatwill continue inAmerica, Spain, Japan and Czechia, culminating in Berlin on 8th September. And will the new Édith Piaf return toMontmartre? Certainly, because the doors of Paris’s bohemian quarter have never closed ... Ako krenete malo niže od Monmartra, nailazite na Mulen ruž, najpoznatiji noćni klub na svetu, ukrašen slikama Tuluza Lotreka If you head to just below Montmarte, you will come across the Moulin Rouge, the world’s most famous night club, which is decorated with paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec