| 47 Piter Gebrijel mu je dao prvu priliku da ga ljudi vide i čuju širom sveta. Za Stinga kaže da je divan čovek i džentlmen, sa kojim je veoma blizak. Ali legendarni bubnjar u Beograd dolazi da svira sa još jednim velikim umetnikom – Matijom Dedićem, sa kojim će 14. aprila održati koncert u klubu „Bitefartcafe“ Peter Gabriel gave him his rst opportunity to be seen and heard by people around the world. He says that Sting is a wonderful person and a gentleman with whom he is very close. But this legendary drummer is coming to Belgrade to performwith another great artist – Matija Dedić, with whom he will hold a concert at the Bitefartcafe club on 14th April. Manu Katché, a famous African-American showman, pop-rock musician, composerandjazzartist,beganhiscareerasPeterGabriel’sdrummer, thencontinuedworkingwiththelikesofTracyChapman, Joni Mitchell, Sting, Dire Straits etc. It was whilecollaboratingwithGibonni in2001that he performed in this part of Europe for the rst time, but now you’ll have a chance to enjoy his performance in a completely different atmosphere, as he will be performing alongside one of Croatia’smost famous jazz pianists, Matija Dedić. They’ll perform at aMusicology Barca e Session set to take place on14th April inBelgrade’s Bitefartcafe club, a day after performing at the Zagreb Students’Centre. Howcome you’’re performing withMatija? -We came into contact through a very good friend, Miša Relić, who I met 14 years ago. Anyway, we started playing together over the tracks he sent me before and it went amazing! We connected really good, and I think the result is perfect. Concerts in Belgrade and Zagrebwill showwhether or not I’m right. You’vebeenknown for a long timeas one of themost famous drummers in the world. What changed during the years? - Ihadtheprivilegeandlucktobepartof thegoldenageof themusic industry,meaning that timeshavechangedand theartists withwhomI’vecollaboratedaregettingold. Themusicmodel isdi erentnowadays, and Iguess theoldworldofmakingalbumswith di erent musicians from di erent cultures andthengoingontour for acoupleof years is over!Thenewartists cominguparemore intoself-productionandveryoftendotours withvery fewmusicians. I’mnot saying that is a bad thing, but it is di erent. YouperformedatBitefartcafeclub in December2005,14yearsago.Doyou remember this experience? -Of course I remember. Itwasanamazing moment and plus I discovered a great personandkept friendlyrelationswithMiša, as I said inansweringthe rstquestion. I am sohappy tobeback! I had somebackproblems thenandwasn’t really crazyabout doing that tour in the rst place. I thinkwe rst played in Novi Sad, then a concert hall in Belgrade at the end, Bitefartcafe club. Miša andhis teamsentme toa spa,where I hada massageandwent inasauna, andafter that I felt likeanewman, readyforeverything.The teamwas sodedicated tomaking this happen and tomaking it as cosy as possible for uswhile inSerbiathatwesimplyclickedand everything went in this positive direction. You also performed in Belgrade with Peter Gabriel in 2013. Could you tell us about Peter? -Thisartist isawonderfulhumanbeing. Hegavememy rst opportunity tobe seen around the world, which is why I also have strongrespectforhim.Workingwithhimwas always verynice, but youhave toknowthat Peter is always looking for new things, or at least trying thingsdi erently, whichmeans thatwhenyou’re instudioworking, it could takeweeksbeforeyoutrackanything, soyou betterbepatient, reallycreativeandable to provide ideas too, andtochangeyourmind in a second to be able to deliver. You have played with great artists like Sting? - Sting came right after the rst collaboration with Peter. He is a sweet man and a gentleman, we are still very close. Even if we don’t work together, we like to meet up, either when he comes to France or if I go abroad where he will be. Working with himwas di erent fromPeter. He knows ex-