SRBIJA STVARA Srbija stvara je nova, nacionalna platforma nastala na inicijativu predsednice Vlade Republike Srbije Ane Brnabić. Ona obuhvata sistemske mere za razvoj sektora kreativnih industrija i inovacija, kao i jačanje kulturne diplomatije i pozicioniranje Srbije kao zemlje kreativnih, inovativnih i autentičnih ljudi i ideja. SERBIA CREATES Serbia Creates is the new, national platform initiated by Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic. It involves strategic measures to develop the creative and innovative industries, to strengthen cultural diplomacy and position Serbia as a country of creative, innovative and authentic people and ideas. What is Teslagram and how did it originate? Teslagram is technology for the best system of protection against forgeries of documents, credit cards, banknotes, artworks, securities and data. The specificity of this technology is that it uses flakes from butterfly wings as protective elements. This innovation has been developing at the Institute of Physics since 2011, through a project for scientific research of theMinistry of Education, Science andTechnological Development and the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia. The Teslagram’s multidisciplinary and international team comprises more than 20 physicists, engineers and biologists. How do flakes from butterfly wings protect against forgery? The wings of a butterfly have over a hundred-thousand unique flakes that can protect the same number of objects. Each flake is different (like a fingerprint), with a specific structure, and can’t be copied. When the flakes are removed and stuck to items, a Teslagram is obtained. This is done according to all ethical standards and without killing butterflies. What is the difference between a Teslagram and a digital footprint, and how can the Teslagram protect an artwork, like a painting, for example? Just as a digital footprint ensures secure information in a digital form, a Teslagramdoes so in the physical world. The protection of artworks is done according to the principle of applying a flake to the image. Checking the authenticity of the image is done by reading the flake. The Teslagramwill be presented to the world’s public in Belgrade on 23rd May 2019 during the prestigious World Minds event, which brings together more than 400 world leaders of innovation, science, technology, economics, art and medicine. This gathering will also see presentations by two other creative ambassadors of the Serbia Creates platform: The BioSense Institute, the centre for digital solutions in agriculture, and 3Lateral, a leading producer of digital humans technology.