You can order meals via the Air Serbia Contact Centre, our website, www. airserbia.com, or at one of Air Serbia’s branches Obroke možete poručiti putem Er Srbija kontakt-centra, našeg sajta www.airserbia. com ili u nekoj od poslovnica Er Srbije The region’s leading airline Vodeća avio-kompanija u regionu If you’re travelling to Banja Luka, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Skopje, So a, Podgorica, Tivat, Tirana, Bucharest, Zagreb or even Rijeka, you now have the opportunity to order some of our delicious sandwiches and satisfy your sweet toothwithachocolatemu n.These items can only be ordered in advance, at a price of one or four euros (depending on the article). During actual ights, these items are not available via our Elevate Deli & Bar service and unfortunately cannot be additionallypurchased.You can order your desired sandwichormu nuntil up to eight hours prior to ight departure, and enjoy the charm of fresh pastry with cheese, chicken and vegetables. The product range shifts seasonally, so don’t be surprised if your preferred choice is not on sale on the day of your ight. If your desired destination happens to be Amsterdam, Beirut, Brussels, Stockholm, Paris, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Larnaca, London, Moscow, Tel Aviv, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, Krasnodar, Madrid, Cairo, Barcelona or Helsinki, our homemade hot meals are available to you. For those travelling on early morning ights - our suggestion is mushroom pie with szataras and smoked beef or scrambled eggswith young cheese andgrilled chicken breast. At a price of 6.50 euros, this is an ideal breakfast option that will provide you with enough energy for everything that awaits you upon arrival at your destination. For lovers of stronger dishes, we’ve prepared grilled chicken in a sauce of roast meat and pasta with sautéed carrots and peas, or a vegetarian moussaka with cheesy mashed potato. At a price of 9 euros, this is a great option if you want lunch or dinner during your ight. During your meals, besides condiments and a bread bun, you will also be served with salad and dessert. Order some of our hot meals up to 48 hours in advance of the ightandconsider thatmealsareprepared from fresh ingredients, which is why they change seasonally. For all of youwho have special nutritional regimes, we’ve prepared over 20 options that meet the most diverse requirements and diets.We are proud that during the periodof Lent we cano er Orthodox Lentenmeals (preparedwithwater or oil) to all Orthodox believers.We’re equally proud that our o er also hasmeals for travellers of other faiths (e.g. a kosher meal). Our o er alsohasmeals that adhere todi erent diets (vegetarian, vegan, meals adapted to certain health conditions etc.). Each of thesemeals can also be ordered in advance at a price of 7 euros (for all meals except kosher meals, which are available at a price of 12 euros). NewYork! Choose deep-fried chicken in aioli sauce with a vegetable tempura, or potato dumplings with spinach and a cheese sauce, as additions to the existing food o er that you otherwise receive for free on the ight, for an additional charge of 14 euros per meal. TheZlatibor completebreadbun, with cured ham from Užice, kamjak milk curd and eggs, is something that we’ve all tried at least once in our lives, and now it’s also available on Air Serbia ights. Convince yourself that it tastes the same whether you’re cruising at an altitude of 10,000 metres or enjoying the charms of Zlatibor. For all those who miss the avours of their homeland, or for thoseof youwhohaven’t yet had the opportunity to familiarise yourselves with specialities of Serbian cuisine – Air Serbia gives you the chance to ful l your wishes at a price of 12 euros. Order this meal no later than 48 hours before your ight’s departure. As of 1st March, Air Serbia has o ered you the opportunity to order some of our delicious meals and arrive at your destination with a smile