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Er Srbija u fokusu

/ Air Serbia close up

Glumac Predrag Miki Manojlović

(desno) i generalni direktor Er

Srbije Dane Kondić


Actor Predrag “Miki”

Manojlović (right) and Air Serbia

CEO Dane Kondić

Predrag Miki Manojlović je prvu od

35 glavnih uloga u pozorištu ostvario

1970. godine. Na filmu je odigrao 65 uloga.

Igrao je glavne uloge u dva filma koji su

osvojili Zlatne palme filmskog festivala u

Kanu, bio je nominovan za nagrade Oskar,

Zlatni globus i za najboljeg glumca Evrope.

Njegova slava širila se i van Jugoslavije.

Igrao je na brojnim pozorišnim scenama u

Evropi, a zahvaljujući tečnom poznavanju

francuskog, engleskog i italijanskog jezika,

snimao je filmove na svim kontinentima,

sem u Australiji.

Na televiziji je ostvario nezaboravne

uloge u proslavljenim serijama


Grlom u jagode, Vuk Karadžić




ctor Predrag “Miki” Manojlović cer-

emoniously revealed his name embla-

zoned on the fuselage of an Airbus A319

The fourth Airbus A319 aircraft in

the Air Serbia fleet has been named. The

national airline named the plane after

actor Predrag “Miki” Manojlović, thereby

continuing its tradition of having its air-

craft around the world carry the names of

famous “living legends of Serbia”.

Air Serbia’s Living Legends pro-

gramme offers recognition to the citizens

of Serbia who gained international fame in

their chosen fields. In the past two years the

company has named planes after sports-

men Novak Đoković, Vlade Divac and

Dejan Stanković.

This tennis ace, former basketball

legend and football great of international

repute are now joined by Miki Manojlović,

who in 2012 was voted the best film actor

of all time from the former Yugoslavia by

members of the public and industry profes-

sionals. Manojlović was chosen due to his

major contribution to the development of

film, television and theatre in the area of

the former Yugoslavia during a career span-

ning nearly five decades.

At a modest ceremony to mark the

occasion at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport,

Manojlović, together with Air Serbia CEO

Dane Kondić, unveiled the inscription

“Miki Manojlovic”, printed on the fuselage.

Miki Manojlović said he was proud that

his name would fly, and he with it, admit-

ting that he did not expect such recognition

and announcing that he would be taking

his next trip on an Air Serbia flight in just

a few days.

He added that he is looking forward to,

as he was told, “the names of our fantastic

athletes and artists, of whom we have a

large number” being taken by other aircraft

in the Air Serbia fleet.

- It is an honour for me to be associated

with Air Serbia, which promotes Serbia

in the world in an excellent way – said


Predrag “Miki” Manojlović played the

first of his 35 starring theatre roles in 1970. In

film he has played 65 roles. He has played the

lead roles in two films that have gone on to

win the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Fes-

tival and has been nominated for an Academy

Award, a Golden Globe and as the best actor

in Europe. His fame spread beyond Yugosla-

via. He has performed in many theatres in

Europe and, thanks to his fluent command of

French, English and Italian, he has made films

in all continents, except Australasia.

On television he played memorable

roles in acclaimed television series “Writ-

ten Off”, “The Unpicked Strawberries” and

“Vuk Karadžić”.

Otkrivanje novog naziva aviona


Plane’s new name unveiled