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Za ljubitelje neobičnih detalja

kapriciozni beogradski satovi

mogu da budu prava atrakcija.

Neki odbrojavaju unazad,

drugi su umetničke postavke,

a najpouzdaniji su sunčani –

uvek rade kada je sunčano.


For lovers of unusual details,

Belgrade’s capricious clocks

can be a real attraction. Some

display countdowns, others are

art exhibitions and the most

reliable are sundials – which

always work when it’s sunny.


Belgrade is a city where you can

easily get lost - in space, but also in time.

Here we’re not thinking of the historical

monuments that preserve the charm of the

past, nor the fact that time flies when you

engage in an exciting walk through the

Serbian capital. Rather, we’re thinking of

the unusual clocks that you will see along

the way, which you probably shouldn’t rely

on if you’re rushing to an appointment,

but – they will intrigue you.

For example, no matter where

your path takes you, you will certainly

come across “the clock” on Republic

Square, the famous hub of Belgrade.

Apart from its position, this clock is

not special.

From this spot your attention is

more likely to be attracted by the digital

clock on the building of the National

Museum, hidden by scaffolding, count-

ing backwards. The building has long

been undergoing reconstruction and

all the wealth it preserves has remained

inaccessible to visitors for years.

That’s why this clock reminds us of the

Sat na Narodnom muzeju odbrojava vreme

do željno očekivanog otvaranja


The clock

on the façade of the National Museum counts

down to its eagerly-awaited reopening