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Institut "Niška Banja"

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and cruisers became significantly

larger. Today the seas are sailed by

around 25,000 sailing boats of Van de

Stadt construction.

Ricus remained engaged in

design until the 1970s, but he sold his

shipyard. While he built boats in Zaan-

dam, Ricus lived in a houseboat on the

water. However, his shipbuilding yard

no longer works today, nor is there a

house on the water, while the business

itself has been taken over by Ceens

Van Tongeren, with whom he has colla-

borated since 1967. The last cruiser was

launched from the shipyard in 2013.

What remains of the Van de Stadt

character and works? From the begin-

ning of the 1970s he devoted himself to

his family business. Members of his fa-

mily - the Dutch de Stadt dynasty - alwa-

ys choose a “patriarch” to manage their

shared wealth. They began investing in

Royal Dutch Shell Oil as far back as the



century, and now they are among

the biggest shareholders of this fourth

largest corporation in the world (by

revenue). Nothing is known for certain

when it comes to their private finances,

but they have very large stakes in the

biggest diamond industry player, De Be-

ers, British Petroleum, Gazprom, Lukoil,

General Electric, Daimler and Allianz.

For a time, together with the Astors,

another Dutch family, they owned the

majority of real estate in Manhattan.

Thus, the daring inventor and mo-

dest marine engineer that is Ricus has

been lost in the monetary spheres that

fall as a veil of anonymity surrounds

the richest and most powerful... Only

a few of his photos have remained,

sketches and constructions of ships,

and the sailing vessels that sail all the

seas. No material trace has been left

in Zaandam. Only the little carpenters’

houses, beautifully renovated and

painted in pastel colours. They were

painted in 1871 by Claude Monet, and

are preserved as virtually his most

famous landscapes on canvas.

Nevertheless, along the riverbanks

that were once home to the shipyard of

this ingenious Dutch constructor, you

will come across an unusual building

with an inscription - Tsaar Peterhuisje.

This is a nicely arranged small brick pa-

vilion that, like a nutshell, encompasses

a homely but dear wooden house

Spomenik Petru Velikom na glavnom trgu



Muzej Tsaar Peterhuisje u koji

hodočaste Rusi: unutra je drvena bajta u kojoj je

živeo car Petar dok je u Zandamu učio tesarski



Monument to Peter the Great in

Zaandam’s main square.


Czaar Peterhuisje

Museum, where Russians make pilgrimages: inside

is the wooden hut where Tsar Peter lived while he

was learning the carpentry trade in Zaandam