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Novi četvorogodišnji


Zahvaljujući Marini Maljković ženska košarka u

Srbiji doživela je pravu renesansu. Prvi četvorogo-

dišnji ugovor na mestu selektorke nacionalnog tima

koji je krunisan zlatom, istekao je prošlog meseca,

a Košarkaški savez Srbije je ponudio novi ugovor za

naredne četiri godine, do 2019.

– Sada je pravi trenutak da se proširi baza, zato

što je košarka, nesumnjivo, najbolji izbor sporta za

devojčice u Srbiji – dodaje Marina. – Mislim da smo

uradile veliki posao u animiranju javnosti. Sada je

potrebna sistemska podrška, jer samo tako može-

mo da održimo kontinuitet dobrih rezultata.


New four-year


Thanks to Marina Maljković, women’s basket-

ball is experiencing a real renaissance in Serbia. Her

first four-year contract as selector of the national

team, crowned with gold, expired last month, and

the Basketball Federation of Serbia has renewed

here contract for another four years, until 2019.

- Now is the right time to expand the base,

because basketball is undoubtedly the best choice

of sport for girls in Serbia – she adds. – I think we’ve

done a great job of attracting the public’s attention.

Now we need systemic support, because that’s the

only way we can maintain the continuity of good



everything came back to

me from the beginning of my

career. We are one big family;

we spent years working hard

for that brief moment. However,

our work is cruel, every cel-

ebration is always short-lived,

because the next challenge is


One of the impressions of

the European championships

is without doubt the authority

that Maljković imposed on her

team of twelve girls.

- Authority is established

through knowledge – she notes.

– Along with all that come huge

attention, total commitment

and an amazing love for basket-

ball that defines us. We really

play basketball out of love and

maintain healthy relations

through authority.

First place in Europe means

the team has qualified, for the

first time in history, to partici-

pate at the Olympic Games, to

be held in Rio de Janeiro next


- It’s too early to talk about

Rio, we primarily need to settle

our emotions and set realistic

goals – considers Maljković.

– This national team has pro-

gressed step by step from the

beginning. Before the Olympics

we are awaited by qualification

for the next European Champi-

onships and we want to secure

our place and defend our title.

Basketball is life for Marina

Maljković. Asked whether she

ever takes a moment to let go

and not think about basketball,

she replies:

- There is no such moment,

because then I would not be

the best in Europe. Gold with

the national team is the biggest

success of my career, but from

the age of 18 I have not had

a period of stagnation in my

work. I have always achieved

great success and that’s why

I cannot afford to let myself

relax, even on holiday, particu-

larly with the obligations that

I have while I’m leading both

a club and the national team.

There are great ambitions on

both fronts and because of

that relaxing in unacceptable,

otherwise I will not remain the